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Small 2-Day Sales + Steven Stone Wants!

Hello! Hope everyone had a relaxing holiday! We're very close to 2015! :D
Yesterday was actually my 2 year anniversary on the community, but I'm going to hold off on my big post a smidge longer for a few lingering packages! ^^

Let me start off with a few small sales! I'm leaving for my long awaited trip to Florida on Sunday, so these items will only be available until SATURDAY MORNING so that I can ship them all out before I leave. Of course, you can always comment afterwards, but I will be gone for a whole week. :)

~ Sales permission granted by allinia on 6/10/14.
~ My feedback can be found HERE.
~ I have the right to refuse to sell to ANY community member that has accumulated negative feedback. I will NOT sell to individuals who are banned or not a part of the community.
~ You have 24 hours to send your payment after committing. The item(s) will be relisted, and negative feedback for backing out of a sale will be left. However, please contact me if there is a circumstance I should know about.
~ Prices are in USD and do not include shipping and fees unless otherwise stated.
~ Shipping is from the US.
~ I almost always use recycled shipping materials to save both of us money.
~ I am now shipping internationally! Please be patient with me, since shipping worldwide is still relatively new for me.
~ CLAIM POLICY: Please ask for a quote if you are unsure about shipping costs. However, if another member fully commits to the same item, they will receive priority. So, make sure you are near your computer when asking for a quote, to make sure you can commit after receiving the shipping/handling price of your item.
~ Trades are not currently accepted unless otherwise stated.
~ FEEL FREE TO HAGGLE! Don't feel insulted if I won't accept. :)
~ Paypal is the only method of payment I accept.
~ I ship my items through USPS (and mostly First Class).
~ Items come from a non-smoking, pet-free home.
~ I will leave a comment once your item has been shipped out. Please remember that I am a human with her own busy life. I will try my hardest to get your items shipped ASAP.
~Once an item is shipped, it's out of my hands. I will be sure to provide receipts for proof of shipment. Please contact me if you experience any problems.
~ I will leave feedback once our transaction is complete, meaning the buyer must leave positive feedback before I leave feedback! If something causes you to want to leave any neutral or negative feedback, PLEASE contact me first! I want to help!

Sableye Pokecen Plush (Japanese MWT)- $20
Kyogre Plush (No tags, bought from comm for a Team Aqua cosplay, truly a beautiful plush but I just don't have the space to display him well enough!) - $20

Pichu Hasbro Plush (loved condition no tag)- $10
Cyndaquil Hasbro Plush (no tags)- $8
Cheren BW2 Gym Basic Badge (VERY HARD TO FIND NOW)- $20 OBO

Blastoise DVD (contains 3 anime episodes ft. Blastoise)- $10
Pokemon Diamond (deleted memory, no paper inserts in box)- $15
Pokemon Art Academy (played once, deleted memory, all inserts)- $25
Platinum DS carrying case (holds DS/DSi and 3 games, used condition)- $10

Snivy Junior Fitted T-shirt (Never worn, Size Large BUT FITS TIGHT. I'm 5'5 and relatively slim and this felt too small :( tag was cut off but otherwise NEW condition)- $20 OBO [I paid $25 for it]

Charmeleon Lot (NOT WILLING TO SEPERATE) Comes with:
Kid figure
TOMY figure
x2 Dice (one open mouth one closed)
Dex Figure
Metal Figure
x2 Clear cards in German(????)

$20 for everything, much less than what I paid for them all together!!

Hoothoot TOMY and Dedenne Pokedoll charm- $5 each

And as for my wants, I'M LOOKING FOR BASICALLY ANYTHING WITH STEVEN STONE ON IT. I'm more interested in things from ORAS than RSE. Especially those Japanese TGC code cards with him on it! Also:

I'm really looking for the charm and clear file from this promo, but more importantly, I haven't heard/seen ANY information past this promo picture. I've found a few of the clear files on Y!J, but they're pretty pricy. The charm is my main objective. Any information about this would be appreciated. I don't even know if these items are available at the Pokemon Centers or not, or if there are more items to this promo!


Thank you for looking and have an amazing new year! I'll be back soon with my big collection/anniversary post!
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