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help me complete my collection.

so i was browsing Yahoo Japan today and I saw a card that i need for my collection of mews. I know it might seem like a lot ask of you guys but would someone be willing to bid on it for me. It's 500 yen which is about 5 or 6 dollars. I don't know how much shipping is but i'll pay for that too. i'd bid on it myself but yahoo japan just wont let me make an account. i'm going to fiddle around with it more tomorrow so i don't have to ask you guys to do this for me again.

If anyone would be willing to do this for me i would forever be in your debt. I've tried looking for this card on eBay and it's almost $60 and i don't have that kind of money.

If you do happen to do this for me and you do win, I'll also pay shipping for you to ship it to me. that's not problem.

I can also send you something special from my collection if you want. i've been dying for this card and it's a steal compared to the 1 for $60 on eBay.

I hope you guys understand. and i'm sorry for asking you to do this. [if any of you even want to] -is doubtful-

EDIT: i forgot the link
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