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Sales Post - Everything Must Go~!

Hey everyone! Hope you all had an awesome Christmas!~ I still have a lot of my collection that need to be gone ASAP, so some items have been reduced in price to sell. ^^ All orders made this weekend will be shipped out first thing on Monday morning.

Thanks everyone, have a safe and happy New Year's!


* Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 19 SEP 2014.
* My feedbacks: ( new / old )
* All pkmncollectors rules apply. I do not do business with non-members and banned members of the community.
* I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. (i.e. negative feedback)
* My home is pet-friendly and smoke-free. I have a dog, but he never goes near my collection.
* I can hold items for 48 hours.
* No trades or haggling at this time.
* Committing to a purchase gets priority over a quote.
* I cannot be held responsible for lost/stolen/damaged/opened/etc. items. Once it's been mailed off from the post office, it is their responsibility.
* Items are described as accurately as possible and sold as is.
* I can take additional pics of any items upon request.
* Customs fees are the responsibility of the buyer should you incur them within your country.

I accept PayPal only at this time (no e-checks). Prices are in United States Dollars (USD). Payment must be made within 24 hours unless we've agreed otherwise. All sales are final.

I ship with USPS First-Class from Guam (U.S. territory) to worldwide, shipping to mainland United States is considered domestic. Postal runs Monday thru Friday, 8AM - 3PM ChST (Chamorro Standard Time), excluding holidays, weekends, or if weather doesn't allow (typhoons/tropical storms are common during the summer thru winter time). Please allow at least 1 business day for me to ship out items. Since there's a huge time zone difference between Guam and the U.S., I usually ship out same business day. Extra insurance is also available, please let me know if you'd like to purchase insurance (recommended for expensive items).

Priority Mail Shipping is available! Please let me know if you'd like your items sent via Priority. C:

2014-12-12 14.38.25
Pokémon Y: $25 USD + shipping
Pokémon Black: $20 USD + shipping

2014-11-25 14.09.28
MWT Substitute ball chain plush: $20 USD + shipping

(From left to right, starting in back row)
Tomy Surfing Pikachu: $3 USD + shipping
Tomy Pikachu pencil topper: $2 USD + shipping
Tomy X & Y Tomy Pikachu (matte finish): $4 USD + shipping
Tomy X & Y Tomy Pikachu (the angry one, mattee finish): $3 USD + shipping
Winking Pikachu Kid (comes with original box): $4 USD + shipping
Raichu Kid (has some scuff marks): $2 USD + shipping
Drifloon Kid (some scuff marks): $2 USD + shipping
MWT Pikachu Bell Charm: $7 USD + shipping
Red strap & name tag Pikachu: $3 USD + shipping

Almost complete Black & White base set + binder + 2011 McDonald's cards + promo cards
$103.30 USD (includes Priority Mail shipping)

Tags: bandai, drifloon, games, kids, pikachu, plush, pokecen, raichu, tcg
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