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A month of gets (cute and evil) + Shiny

As the title mentions, I got a Shiny Pokémon on ORAS!
So let's start with him, or rather with her ;)

Story time: I received my games a little late because of different troubles. So, we are in early December, I wanted to soft-reset Mudkip on OR and Treecko on AS. But my ID number on OR ended up to 00252 after some soft-resets (yes I soft-reset everything lol). Therefore I had to change my plans and choose Treecko on OR. And after less than two weeks (but really not intensive) I heard those magic reindeer click ! Then I looked at the screen and OMG! She was here!
Yes "She", because it's a female Treecko. This is doubly amazing! However her nature is totally not amazing haha (sassy...probably the worst ><). Anyway, she is very beautiful and I'm planning to keep her as Grovyle <3

By the way, I got some ORAS pre-order bonus
Sans titre-1
The European steelbooks, very beautiful.

European figures. Not as well made as the Japanese ones but nice though.

Treecko keychain, bigger than what I thought and made of a kind of metal (oops, there is a clue about one of my gets here ^^)

I also bought some RS merch (strategy guide and manga)

And my French purchases end with Amiibo Pikachu and above all this Xerneas box.
I'm not a TCG collector (except for Shiny Pokémon haha) but I collect Jumbo cards and I've recently discovered that we had some Jumbo in France too (and now I have to find them ><) So I only bought this box for it. However I'm curious and I decided to open the boosters in order to feel the excitement I had when I was younger. And the least that can be said is that I did well :)
OMG! Mega Kangaskhan! Maybe my favorite Mega Evolution, and the card I would have dreamt of without thinking it could be true. I'm in love with those two awesome cards <3
(I'm selling the rest, don't know if you could be interested in French cards ?)

Let's go on with my imported gets ^^

Look at Pikachu striking the pose lol
It must be in my mind but I have the impression that Kids figures are larger and larger x)

Cute plushies. Tyrunt and Bunnelby are so adorable <3 And Eevee is rather original (I mean the face design). His tail is very soft and made of a similar material to the one of the collar.
I caved in Pokémon Time straps, so now I'm trying to catch 'em all haha
And Shiny Mega Gengar card (besides I haven't found or seen any MC figure yet :O). I want to keep this one sealed and attached to the paper, so I have to find another one ^^

I was waiting for this baby T-Rex for so long :3
But OMG that Zorua is so soft and beautiful <3 I love it much more than what I expected.

And now let's talk about big boys o/

First package
I expected this one to be smaller but there were tons of newspapers inside, so this explains that ^^
These are various lots from the Ichiban Kuji lottery of this summer. Love that big Snorlax x)
The figures are really nice with dynamic and original poses.

And now the second package.
The boxes are beautiful, but nothing compared to the figures...
Because Evil is good, I took a group photo with Darkrai of which I hadn't taken pictures.
Maybe I should have added a Kid in order you realize how big they are... (just to let you know, Zoroark is about twenty centimeters high)
Anyway I was impressed when I opened the boxes. I saw a lot of Giratina pictures, but it's really different when you see it for real, out of the box with its long wings spread out *O*
As for Zoroark, this is its size that surprises. Because the end of his mane is an added part, which means the figure is actually longer than the box.
In brief, they are amazingly stunning <3

So let's end with these fierce beasts
Sans titre-1
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly %)

Thank you for reading :3

You can take a look at my collection website even if it is totally not updated :/

I also have a Fb collection page (don't hesitate to like it and comment ^^):

And check my sales o/
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