[~ Kari XIII ~] (rentorar) wrote in pkmncollectors,
[~ Kari XIII ~]

Jakks figures?

I know how some of you guys in the US have Jakks at your local stores, and well, you all know how eBay rip you off? Any chance you.....

Shinx Figure
Shinx Beanie
Shinx Pop out Pokeball
Garchomp Electronic Figure (Not sure if it's been released yet?)
Monferno Beanie
Monferno Electronic Figure
Monferno Pop out Pokeball
Infernape Electronic Figure
Zubat Figure
Zubat pop out Pokeball
Ash Figure (w/ any Poke)
Ralts pop out Pokeball
Buizel pop out Pokeball
Shieldon Beanie

Grovyle Figure
Totodile Figure

I can pay by paypal and would be ever grateful if you could pick any of them up for me! I can also get you anything from the UK (or France) in return.

Finally - Group auctions!
The pin badge one seems to be going smoothly, but unfortunately the figure one.... Not so. Less than a day left, but already at 5,090Yen. With middleman fees tacked on, we don't even have half the amount needed right now ._. If you do want to bid/up your price on that one, please do so now!
Tags: figures
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