alvagc122 (alvagc122) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wish List!! :3

Hi!! I think i need to make a wish list xD!!  if someone can help i would be very happy to trade with you some goodies!!! I have some contacts that can get some amazing pokedolls!! some japanese and much american!! so i you have something i want and would like a pokedoll a figure, or plush i can tell you if i can get you anything!! xDDD Here is my wish list:

Tomy Shaymin (land form plush)
Leafeon pokedoll or plush
Glaceon pokedoll or plush
Squirtle Mystery Dungeon plush
Azurill Hasbro plush
Ambipom DX plush
Chimchar Tomy plush
Vulpix tomy plush (this one is very hard to get xDD)
Pichu Brother plush with some hair in his head (so cute :3)
Spheal plush
Flygon plush

I will be updating my wishlist but like once a week so you wont see so much about this xDD!

If anyone is interested please tell me xD!! And i hope i can get at least  4 plushies from this wishlist xD not guaranteed!! xD

Tags: wanted
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