Blackjack Gabbiani (blackjackrocket) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Blackjack Gabbiani

In case any of you West Coasters (US) live by a Uwajimaya/Kinokuniya, they're having 10% off EVERYTHING (well, Kinokuniya had some minor restrictions but nothing that affects collectables).

Unfortunately, the snack section at Uwajimaya in Beaverton was picked over most soundly, so the only Pokémon toys I saw were the board game thing, the keychain shaped like a basket with a random Piplup on it, and the overpriced kites, but your stores may vary. And Kinokuniya had TONS of stuff--all manner of comics (Special up to 26, DPA! 4, Pocket Monsters DP, and the recent English releases), magazines (they had a few copies of the CoroCoro with the Platinum info insert), and a display of all kinds of figurines and plushies (they're the only place I've seen the high-end Jackks plushies like Piplup, but they're like eleven bucks). I stocked up on some "Fun Figure Charms series 5" which touts Drifblim, Lickilicky, Dialga, Palkia, Pikachu, and (ladylegs) Darkrai. They were all out of Palkia and Pikachu though, but the rest were plentiful, and at 90 cents each you can't go wrong.

Just thought you'd all wanna know.
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