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New Years Resolution and Burning Glaceon Question

One of my resolutions this year is to work on my collection page, and to try  to update it at least once a month (watch me flake out).  I originally started one using google sites, however I quickly realized that the site does not provide enough space for all the pictures I would need to upload.  So... I decided to move.  Since the Pokemon Plush Project uses Flickr, I figured why not?  It gives me a lot more space to upload the photos I need.


Make sure you guys stay in the Albums section (which is organized) and not the photostream.  If I had my way, I would leave the albums open and not the photostream.

It is mainly Pikachu because I am a Pikachu collector.  Let me know what you guys think.  I admit I have just made the site public right now.  The reason is because this is not all the Pokemon items I own.  I estimate this is not even 10% of my collection, so I am very hesitant to make it public.  Should I just make it public and just continue to add things?  Or should I make it private again and not open it up until it is more of a reflection of my collection?

Now the next thing.... Are there any Glaceon Collectors/Experts out there that can answer a burning question for me?

Some of you guys might remember that I used to do pickups at the Pokemon kiosk.  One of the Pokedolls I picked up a lot of was Glaceon.  I probably picked up and shipped over 30 of them.  Now this is the thing.... One of the Glaceons from the Kiosk is different.

Here are the photos (I apologize for my bad picture skills):

As you guys can see, the one on the left is the Glaceon that is definitely real.  Its the one on the right that is odd.  The material of the Glaceon on the right is different and its a slightly different color.  I have compared the tags and tush tags (side by side) and they look exactly the same.  They are both minky BUT the one on the right is a different type of minky.

I have had this burning question for awhile now.  I was hoping someone here would have found something like this and made a post on it.  But since no one has, I figured I would ask if any of you know anything about the one on the right?  If I didn't get it from the Pokemon kiosk myself, I would suspect it was a bootie because of the different material and color.

This is my suspicion... but could it have been a Glaceon prototype they accidentally put into the kiosk machine?

I appreciate any comments or answers on this.  If you guys know any Glaceon experts that can help, I really want to know why this particular Glaceon Pokedoll is different.
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