raz2b (raz2b) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Exploring Osaka! Kujis and canvases!

Just 2 days unto my japan trip and i already found some stuff that sent me over the moon!!

Eeveelution canvases, mega stones and more under the cut!!

(No pics tho cos phone app is dumb :c)

From the osaka pokecen, i got a mega swampert and a cute cookie tin!
Osaka also had another kuji where if you bought a selected item, you got a spin. Among the prizes were timblers, single stones and the like, but the grande prize was a full mega stone set....

My lil bro won it despite not knowing what they were! Im so happy for him!

I found a strange gatcha where the images were substitue plush...but as pokemon. and i took 2 spins. The first spin i got typhlosion subby. The second was dunsparce. My friend said she liked it so i gave it to her.

I found the berries and friends kuji! I bought a ticket but didnt get the one i wanted ;w; i got the pikachu and eevee towel and its cute but... Ah well

Lastly, mwt canvases! I asked a friend if they were legit and they said yes! Such a bargaun, but ill probably sell them when i get home. They are: eevee, jolteon, espeon, umbreon and flareon!
Should i detatch the tags so they dont get crushed in my luggage? Theyre crease free.

Will update later if and when i get the chance!

EDIT: pics from my twitter! Check out @DeadKranberries's Tweet: https://twitter.com/DeadKranberries/status/551750185357828096?s=09
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