Paula (agui_chan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Huge discounts reminder! + Looking for cards and a Saint Valentine card

Hi guys! Happy new year!
Just a reminder that I still have opened my huge discount sales! Thank you very much all the people that bought from me, I have bought a lot of packages so I'll ship them this week :) The discounts would be open for around a week so don't miss this chance. You can click HERE or on the preview to see the post and I added the Jolteon glowing in the dark that I forgot! >.< All the rules are on my sales post (but the price of the items aren't there).
Btw if someone has the saint valentines Politoed card let me know! I'd love to get one *^* I could be interested on cards of Politoed, Poochyena or Ninetales, if you have something, let me know. Thanks :D
Tags: sales
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