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Help identifying some odd figures?

I haven't made too many posts since I've joined (I do plan a collection update soon - my collection is still very small but it's tripled in size in the past month!) but I do want some help identifying some figures I have.

When I was younger I had a cousin who fell out of Pokemon and gave me a good amount of Pokemon figures. The majority were legit Tomys, some obvious bootlets, a fast food toy or two, but there are some strange figures in there that I never knew what they were.

First off is this strange hollow Charmander figure. My phone's autofocus has a lot of trouble focusing so sorry if in following pictures they're a bit blurry, I tried to sharpen some in Photoshop.


On the copyright there is just a TM before what you see. There's no Tomy or Bandai but it is a copyright. It's not hollow in the right way to be a Kid and is much taller than almost every Kid I have aside from a Tropius. The paint job though is pretty good (those pains streaks are likely from play) so I think it's something official?

Next up is a strange Pikachu+Meowth combo figure where the tail goes into Meowth's back obviously. There are pegs on their feet so they went into something. No copyright on them but the paint job is very good.


Finally are these tiny figures I have, the Gengar Tomy for size reference.


The four that have copyright on them look geniune, they have good painting and molding for being so small. I think I have a foggy memory of a Polly Pocket like little playhouse? That could have been me combining toys though. The others are painfully obvious bootlegs, but what I'm wondering is if they're bootlegs of other small playset figures or just regular Tomy figures. Dragonite matches my Dragonite Tomys in pose but Raticate doesn't.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Now to make my post a little more fun, for the gamers out there what were some of your favorites this year? ORAS aside as Pokemon is always amazing, I really enjoyed Hyrule Warriors, SSB4 of course, Bravely Default, and The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Fire Emblem: Awakening is older but I got it earlier this year and I'll be playing it forever, hah. Same with Xenoblade. I also have Bayonetta 2, need to play it sometime.
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