Hebi/Lea (hebilea) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Some more help with newer merch please? + Wants!

Hello there guys!
I come to you with a few questions of some of the newly released merchandise at the Pokemon Center!

First, has anybody purchased this adorable Pyokkori calendar? I admit that I am interested in this calendar whether it has a few of my favourites in it (namely Honedge line and Noibat). Could anybody let me know please? I admit that this calendar would be also perfect for our kitchen.. Thank you for your help riolu + skdarkdragon!!

Second, I have heard that these bath sponges are blindly packaged? Aren't only the bath salts bilnd packaged? I am a little confused about this one, so can anybody clarify this?

(Credit for picture goes to kitzunekitzune)
Lastly, I would be interested in the froakie bath salt figure, I have seen some photos that the bath salt figures include all the ones like pictured! So I would love that Froakie holding the Sitrus Berry, so let me know please, if you are selling one!

Thank you in advance <3
Tags: froakie, pokemon center
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