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recent gets & wants

My last gets post was back in June so I feel I'm due for an update- also looking for a couple things in the second cut. c:
Thanks for looking!

I was really happy to get a bunch of pumpkins for the spooky party promotion.
I got a custom bookmark from slothyshroom - it's super cute!
The two customs at the bottom were won from an auction by wishuponjirachi - thank you again! They are adorable!
Also got to buy a couple things from herar, thank you for selling to me! :)

Here would be the entire collection together so far. I really love gourgeist a lot more than pumpkaboo- I wish there was more related to just him. ;v;

My husband collects Mewostic (F) - Another custom charm from slothyshroom in the bottom left.
Here are a couple of the more recent gets- still waiting on a couple things in the mail.
Also a got quite a few pins from ktmonkeyj - the art is wonderful, my camera has the most difficult time taking nice pictures of small things though D:

Here is the current Meowstic collection altogether.

A couple more Phantump customs... The plush is by me and I tried to embroider his mouth on and deformed his head doing so- I laugh at this plush a lot but don't wanna throw it out. haha!
Another charm by slothyshroom,
The felt phantump is made by luckymissclover - it's so detailed for being so tiny, I love it!
A pin by winter_snowdust and another pin by ktmonkeyj.

Phantump is actually my favorite Pokemon- I wish there were more official items of him.
I need a pokedoll. ;_;

I'm not sure what I posted last time as far as froslass or garbodor go --
I am just gonna post updated pictures of both of these collections.

My cat got to one of the froslass stickers- I was super sad. D: She chews on everything.


Thank you for looking! :)

Really tiny little wants list- If I use a picture that is yours and you don't want it up please tell me to remove it.
I just took images from google or ebay.

Looking for a Meowstic F KID figure- I know there's a couple on ebay but I wanted to check here as well.

Gourgeist Strap

Thank you again :)
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