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Rare Vulpix Extra Auctions

Hi everyone! As you know, I've been holding onto a few rare Vulpix extras in hopes of trading them for something I don't have yet! That hasn't been going so well, so I figured rather than just hoard the duplicates indefinitely, I'd auction them off to the community so other collectors can get them! I know several of these are on people's wanted lists, so they will be all auctioned off.

2015-01-04 16.38.582015-01-04 16.39.39
2015-01-04 16.39.532015-01-04 16.40.16
2015-01-04 16.40.55

* Sales permission granted by linealba back in 2009, and my feedback can be found here.

* As always, I'm kind of a slow shipper. 1-2 weeks is pretty typical for things to go out, and things usually ship out on Fridays.

* Auctions will end Monday, January 12th, at 10:00PM EST. Countdown timer.

* Payment plans are acceptable if discussed BEFORE bidding. Otherwise, payment will be due in 24 hours of auction's end.

* Shipping will be $3.50 in the US, $8 internationally for any of these items. I don't charge extra fees.

* BIN NOTE: I'm not putting any monetary BINs in place to give everyone a fair shot at the auctions, HOWEVER, the same offer stands as before with my wanted items. You can offer as a trade anything on my wanted list for any item that's up for auction as a BIN. This BIN offer stays in effect until the auctions are over. (I doubt anyone will take me up on this, but since this was the purpose of holding onto the extras in the first place, may as well put it out there!)

Onto the items!


2015-01-04 16.38.58

Pokemon Peeking Promo Vulpix Wood Clip - Starts at $8
Pokemikke Vulpix Magnet Clip/Bookmark - Starts at $8
Vulpix metal stamp badge - Starts at $25

2015-01-04 16.39.39

Vulpix Candy Figure - Starts at $15
Vulpix Grabby Figure - Starts at $50

2015-01-04 16.39.53

Clear Pink Ninetales - Starts at $5
Solid Green Vulpix - Starts at $10
Clear Teal Vulpix - Starts at $5

2015-01-04 16.40.16

Brock Gym Badge Set Pin - Starts at $15
Vulpix Gym Badge Set Pin - Starts at $15
Vulpix Metal Swing Keychain - Starts at $15
Brock's Pokemon Set Vulpix Charm - Starts at $20

2015-01-04 16.40.55

Teal Base Vulpix Chibi Stamp - Starts at $10
Blue Base Vulpix Chibi Stamp - Starts at $10
Vulpix Chibi Pokemodels - Each start at $8
Vulpix Standing Figure (Holes on the bottom for in-case display, has some paint rubs on her face/hair) - Starts at $5
Holofoil Base Stamper (likely unofficial, although I've seen several of these) - Starts at $8
Vulpix Eraser - Starts at $5

Happy Bidding! :)

Please wait to bid until this line is crossed out.

Go for it!  <3
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