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It's a new year Commissions! and Trades?

Hello everyone! So it's been quite awhile since I'e posted and Although I said I would, I still have not posted a collection update :^^ sorry but I'm still gonna have to hold out awhile longer since a lot of my collection is at school and I want to do an overview of the entire thing...

On a lighter note! I'e finnished up my last batch of customs, and that means, it's time to open for more commisions!
before I get to that though, I would like to remind y'all that I am happy to trade/partialy trade my custom plush for items on my wants list (basically anything on the list, it has a tonof random things so please check it out!) my WANTS LIST

Please check out my nifty commissioning basics guide before asking for qoutes :)

Commissioning basics Guide/FAQ

001I ship from the U.S. and can ship internationally
002I ship from Texas and use bubble mailers. I ship out within one week of purchase
003I only accept paypal
026I do not sell to banned members, people I've left negative or neutral feedback for, or through P.M.
058All of my quotes and prices are in U.S. dollars
059My sales are first come first serve (if you do not respond within 24 hours, the item will be offered to the next person)
104All items come from a smoke free home (I do have a small dog back home but plush are kept away from her)
105I may trade or partial trade from my wants post ^^
135I am not responsible for items lost in the mail I ship everything within the us with delivery confirmation if it gets lost somehow once it's out of my hands sorry, but I don't give refunds)
134I was granted feedback December 13 2012 by entirelycliched My feedback can be found here
003M.png (32×32)My plush are not for resale for profit. If I notice you selling one of my custom plush for profit I will ban you from my sales and commissions. I don't make plush for you to make a profit :)

I make plush in a few different styles a few are listed below for your refferance C:

Simplified Style - Simplified plush are made from 2 sided patterns, with no elaborate stitch work. They have many flat 1 sided pieces that are used for the more complicated details of the plush. They have plastic safety eyes instead of embroidered eyes. These plush will only be made of felt. They do not require a down payment.
they come in 3 different sizes
Simplified plush are 3-4 inches tall and range in price from $12 - $18
Big Simplified Plush are 6- 8 inches tall and range in price for $19 - $28
Super Big Simplifieds Plush are 12 -15 inches tall and range in price from $34 - $48 ( I currently only have brown eyes in this size so please note that the plush will have brown eyes.)

Traditional Style - Traditional style is similar to canvas in that the pokemon will be proportional. They have elaborate patterns,hand embroidered details and eyes, and are extremely cute.  These plush can be made of any material. (although pokemon with flames
(ex. rapidash) work best when made of felt)

Lazy style -  these plush are made laying down, they will often appear somewhat chibified (larger eyes) They can be made from any material, I can also make them winking or sleeping.

Other Styles- Pokedoll, Pokemon time, and Walky style are all made to resemble the style of pokemon center plush that they are named after.

Slots Available

Simplified styled Plush Slots

1. clair2522 - Simplified Shiny Wurmple with bow and loop on back :) FINISHED!
2.joy_dust - Big Simplified Talonflame Finished

Waiting List
ragincanuksfan - Simplified Solrock and Lunatone Finished!

Nonsimplified styles

1. dsl_weegee - Traditional felt Noivern Finished!
2. noibatcutie - Traditional Fleece Milotic Finished!
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