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recent gets + possible wants

Just a few things I got recently in the past week!

Hey there community it has been a while!
I'm not really sure if anybody remembers me from my first post a while back ago, but here I am again!

I'm back with some really rad plushies! As well as a few kids! (along with an interesting looking giratina and shaymin toys. I'm not really sure where they're from/ what they're called maybe someone can inform me I would really appreciate it)


I'm honestly not a big fan of the Unova region but I recently went to a local con and got some of these guys for a steal!

Like that Oshawott guy, I got him for a wopping 25 bucks!! (I'cve see him online for 45 or more)
As for the Bunnelby and Litleo plush, I got those fellas at gamestop!
And for the kids, the guy was selling 6 for 3 bucks, how could I not buy them?! I was so glad to find some figures to expand my Giratinas and Shaymins because I haven't ran into any good buys for them in forever.

Now as for possible wants
I really want to try and get my hands on a giratina plush! It doesn't really matter which one (alternate or orgin) or what type of plush it is.
I just have a hard time trying to find one at a reasonable price :/
No promisses though, I'm just trying to look around for one (though it may be a while before I can actually buy another plush)
But I would really appreciate some offers if you have any.

Thanks for reading!

Tags: bunnelby, empoleon, giratina, litleo, oshawott, shaymin, zoroark, zorua
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