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Gets, LF and a question about Primal Groudon Plush

Hey everyone ^-^
So I've got a few things to show here and I'm looking for some stuff too,
But first I'm thinking of buying the Primal Groudon plush but I wanted to know what people thought of it? Like size, quality, and what not. Thanks c:

Here's my LF post;
Newest want is the Sleeping Fennekin.
Check under the cut for more wants, Mostly pokedolls right now.

Cottonee Pokedoll GET!
Victini Pokedoll GET!
Fennekin Pokedoll GET!
Chespin Pokedoll
Emolga Pokedoll
Jakks Shaymin Mystery Dungeon + Regular plush

I've got a cute little get to show off! This cutie here
A friend of mine gave him to me as a gift c: he's from Nintendo World in NY. Only figure I own that's still MIB so I don't plan on opening him ^-^ It was a really great suprise.

Incoming Gets
Managed to score some crazy awesome gets and thought I'd list them here since I'm super excited xD
Got them all for a steal too which just adds to the awesomeness.

1:1 Emolga (NinWorld NY)
1:1 Minccino (TTO JP)
Talking Eevee Tomy plush
Eevee Canvas plush
Mewtwo DX Banpresto plush
Jolteon Kyun Figure
Shaymin sky form pokedoll
Thanks for reading ^-^
You can check out my Generals wants here

Feel free to check out my other collcections c:
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