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New Years sales back in full force~

Happy new year everyone~~

I'm back from my nostalgic Michigan trip, with my Gen 1+2 TOMY collection and I was so pleased that EVERYTHING is in exactly the condition I left it in! XD (My mom may meddle into my personal life quite a bit but at least she pretty much never touches the stuff in my old room... wow). I have a superrrrr old post of it on my personal LJ. Used to think it was a scary collection but my figure collection right now is like 10x scarier LOL... I'm also so pleased with the condition of my TOMY figures since some of the condition of the figures in JP lots I've gotten are just HORRID, and it makes me fear that I did something terrible with my figures since I've had them since I was like 10 years old, and I played with them a LOT. But nope, everything's in great condition and the worst of it is the sting on Beedrill that I had glued back onto its base lol. XD Anyway, I brought it all back and slowly combining it with my main collection now *happyhappy* I even brought back my full TCG collection, so I need to work through that as well... XD

So yes, onto sales! I've still got chocolates to add to flat-rate shipments~ I kind of splurged on some big plush lots to just get some specific guys, so I've put up a lot of the additional plush at really low prices, hope you can help me clear them out!!

Preview of new items:

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )
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