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Long time no update! Gets, a minky/velboa question, and Sales/Trades!

It's been a long time (and a very busy autumn/winter!) for me, but I'm back with collection updates and items for sale/trade!

First, my gets! I've recently acquired a taste for rare and unusual Pokemon Center can badges. It started with my quest for a Celebi pokedoll badge, which remained my grail--until now! I finally got one, after picking up other Pokedoll Can Badges along the way. I was so relieved to finally find one and I now have 9 Pokedoll badges total.

However, some of my favorite Pokemon never had a Pokedoll badge (to the best of our knowledge) and so I also bought a Pokemon Center 2nd anniversary badge that had Marill on it (with Eevee and Hoppip). I bought the entire set and also kept a badge with the Oddish line on it (Oddish, Vileplume, Bellossom) too.

I've also wanted a Togepi badge...and discovered that the Pokemon Center had a special Christmas Togepi, which I eventually found on Y!J. I bought it with the intention of just keeping Togepi, but I ended up liking the Sentret so much I had to keep it.

skdarkdragon also happened to be selling individual badges from the 'Hunt for the Red Gyarados' merchandise, which included Marill by itself so that was a must buy too!

Last but not least, I stumbled upon a set of badges with a shiny Charizard! I'm a fan of shiny merch too and that one was too unique to pass up.

Aren't they beautiful? :)

Okay, now for my velboa/minky question...so I only have 3 pokedolls (4 including the double I'm hoping to trade) and I'm a little confused about the fabric. My first pokedoll was minky for sure--a 2010 Japanese Celebi and I love it! I'm pretty sure my 2009 Marill is as well. However, my 2008 Turtwig (all of these came from Japan and Turtwig without a hang tag) I'm not 100% sure...

His fabric feels soft like the minky, but the plush isn't as...fluffy? Hopefully this picture can illustrate.


It's almost as if Celebi's plush is longer and...wispier? I thought Pokedolls from 2008 were supposed to be minky so I thought I had bought my preference, but I just want to be sure. If anyone can tell from this picture or can help me out, I'd really appreciate it!

Lastly--buying can badges in sets has left me with a few extras! And somehow I also ended up with 2 Marill pokedolls. I've created a new sales/trades page which even includes some of my collection items! Like the Shiny Charizard badge from above! I decided some of my grails are going to be too hard to get, but maybe if I offered some of the rare pieces in my collection another collector would be interested in swapping. So I have a few nice items for sale and a special section of "Grail Trade Only" items! Of those grail items, I'd say these are my most wanted (that I actually think I might be able to get someday! Unlike the Celebi pokedoll charm O_O):

*I got these images from Google--please let me know if they are yours and you don't want them used.

You can check out everything I have to offer here: http://oberonsoasis.livejournal.com/1365.html

And here's a preview...

...and YES that is an Ethan can badge! I'm taking offers for that one starting at $25 (it's the only item open to offers, everything else is either priced or for trade only).
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