Hachiko (yamadahachi) wrote in pkmncollectors,


First, I want to show off my (extremely small) main collections. I'll get more stuff soon, really!! ^^;;


Ledyba! The Ledyba TOMY plush just came today <3 I love it, the very first plush for my collection!


Yanma~~ Yes, not much...but I like it. ^^ I'm still waiting for the Yanma jakks plush to come in at my stores... They are being very slow. >.<
As you guys know, my favorite bug is Spinarak. But there just isn't much available for him... I do have a few things though, but I didn't take a pic. ^^;;

Okay, second, I wanted to know if any of you guys were planning on bidding on this lot?

I'm wanting the James, Jessie and Ash figures from the set, but I'm not interested really in anything else ^^;; I figure the lot will go up at least $10 in price, and I really don't have much money right now.. If anyone is planning on bidding on this lot, would you consider selling me those three? ^-^

Last but definitely not least xD There is still lots of goodies in my shop, including a new Mew painting ^-^ ~~ My shop :DD

See you around! ^-^
Tags: collection, ledyba, sales, yanma
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