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Plush Comparison + Small Wants + More

Hey Guys! I just got some plush in the mail and I was pleasantly surprised! I'm not sure if other people know about this so I decided to do a little comparison post, because I always find these helpful when others do it. Lots of pics after the cut.

Ok, so I got my New 2014 Tomy Torchic and Mudkip in the mail today and I was blown away, because I had no Idea that Tomy had changed the type of fabric they used. For example, here is the photo of Mudkip one HLJ.
Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 2.20.31 AM
Mudkip's fabric looks like their standard Velboa deal, cute and all that...but what showed up was...

Photo on 1-7-15 at 1.31 AM #2
It's so fluffy I'm going to die. I had no Idea, but I'm very pleased with the fabric change. I can't stop touching it. Now I will be the first to tell you that I'm no fabric expert, but this new fabric seems very similar to minky but I'm not 100% sure that it is minky fabric. They also gave them special cardboard 'sleds' instead of the yellow ones which have become standard.
Photo on 1-7-15 at 1.15 AM
Photo on 1-7-15 at 1.22 AM
oops forgot to flip the photo.

I had my old Tomy Torchic so I decided to do some side-by-side photos to check out the differences.
Photo on 1-7-15 at 1.29 AM
The new Tomy (left) still is a bit smooshed from the box unfortunately. I do prefer the Old Tomy (right) head shape, but I like a New body shape. The new Tomy has fluffy legs which are a bit lighter in color than the old. The wings are less pointy on the New Tomy as well.
Photo on 1-7-15 at 1.26 AM #2
As you can see they paid more attention to detail with the wings on the new Torchic. The Old design just has one flat piece while the new wing design has two pieces of fabric and the connection placement looks better imo.
Photo on 1-7-15 at 1.24 AM #2
Front view of the New (left) and Old (right). The head feathers and eyes are a bit bigger on the New Torchic. Overall I think I like the new one better, and I'm very happy with the changes Tomy has made with the fabric. I hope they continue to use this new fabric with future plush. I'm still waiting on my Tomy Treecko to get here, the PC Treecko looks a little small when I put him next to the Tomy starters.

Pokemon Center Amazon update:
I was checking the Pokemon Center Amazon storefront and I noticed all the plush have been pulled! I guess they noticed the sudden spike in sales to their Amazon store and didn't like the idea of people getting free two-day shipping so they removed all the plush. I had some in my browsing history and this is what it looked like.
Screen Shot
All the plush have been moved to 2035 and the links are dead. I can't believe they did this. They won't even allow people to save a few bucks on shipping.

Small Want:
Lastly I have a small want. If anyone in the UK or Austraila can find this new Tomy Turtwig plush at their local EB Games, please send a quote my way (34237).They are also selling it on the site for $15. I Don't think this plush is available stateside, but if someone has found it at a Game Stop or Wal-mart ,Target, please let me know.
Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 3.08.50 AM
I think this was my longest post, sorry if there are too many pics.

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