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More floons!

Hi everyone!

I find these days, if I'm in the mood to work with Fimo, I have to just run with it, or in an hour it'll just feel like work. XD Once I start I can spend all day on it, thus, a new swarm! Well, mini-swarm.

lmao I just noticed that the shadows from my camera's flash made it look like the rightmost Floon has a huge eye. His eyes are the same as the others. XD;

-I ship on Fridays
-I also ship from Canada
-Thus, prices are in Canadian funds ;)
-Shipping is $5 to the US, $7 to UK, $8 within Canada (because Canada post is silly)
-Paypal only, please!

$20 each pff whatever I don't need the money that bad. $15 each, 10 for the marked one ;P
The one on the far left isn't quite up to my normal standards, due to a faint line on his mouth. It only appeared after it was baked, so I dunno how that happened... oh well. $15 $10 for that one :)

If anyone noticed and wondered about the slight difference, Shiny*Floon was made with translucent fimo (except for the blue/black bits), which gives it this nice and soft look. Actually, all the yellow I used on these little guys was translucent. It wasn't as transparent as the package had me expecting, but I was pleased with the effect none the less~

Close up of the chain.

Just as a note, I'm not sure if I'll have computer access this weekend, so if I don't reply right away I'll get back to you as soon as I get home :)

X-posted to pokemon, sorry if you get this twice!

Oh yes, if you have requests, feel free to ask. ^_^ Between school and commissions I can't guarantee anything, but I love new ideas!
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