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Looking for Grails! + a top list want

Hey everyone!
Since I've gotten my Dunsparce kid, it's rekindled my hopes in finding some Dunsparce items once again (TuT)9 I'm hoping someone could help me get a hold of a couple along with a kid figure I've been scouring the community for to no avail ;3;

Here we go!

- Pumpkaboo kid figure
- Dunsparce zukan
- Dunsparce tomy fig
- and this Dunsparce plush:

haha pretty much anything Dunsparce tbh... I just really love this poke a lot and any help getting a hold of some merch would be super incredible QuQ

Please pm me if you have any of these things you'd be willing to sell or trade to me!

Thank you for readin'!
Tags: dunsparce, wanted
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