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A theory to a year of weird Gengar Tomy figures + One of my figures is perspiring?! WAT

Firstly, to those participating in my two GAs, they will be arriving next week so the final payment will be due then. Hopefully this gave enough time for people to come back from vacation and such.


I posted asking what this thing could possibly be around a year ago.

What a long strange trip it has been (props if you got that) when I first encountered this weird colored Gengar Tomy last year. I think the first one popped up in February/March. I got some responses from different people to what that weird orange Gengar could have been: bootleg, prototype, or a miscolored Tomy. A couple of people have also been asking me lately what these things are and if I already had one, since they have been popping up so frequently now and have been consistently ever since the first one went over 10,000 yen ($100+). Sellers were looking to cash in on these things, of course.

Now that I have FOUR of these guys, I have come up with just a few observations for people that were interested. It would also be awesome if a Tomy collector could pitch in with a weird colored figure of a different Pokemon other than Gengar. I don't mean slight color differences but what I'm looking is extreme cases like the one of the orange Gengar because well, Gengar is NOT orange. EVER. I still don't know what the heck these things are but you can read to see what it all leads to.


Also, one of my figures is...sweating inside the box. There's droplets inside the plastic, I kid you not. I'm wondering if the plastic is just deteorating or if I have some Toy Story type of thing going on. I was hoping someone that collects figures could pitch in and help.
In other news, Gengar eats a baby.


What lead me to making this post other than the questions is because I got one of these orange/burgundy Gengar Tomy in an actual Tomy box. So yes, I now have four and I was hoping the one in the legit box could put an end to the questions. It didn't because there's too much missing information but anyways.



The purple one is a legit Tomy Gengar. I have put the Gengar in the order I acquired them in. They are also all the same size, 1 1/2 inches tall. The only noticeable difference in the molds are the claws but this doesn't convince me that they are bootlegs, as I have the MC-68 Gengar out of package and his claws are also stubby. I forgot I had that one and didn't photograph it along with the others but here's a reference pic:

It's hard to photograph the words engraved in the back of them due to their color but they all have the Tomy engraving that Japanese figures have. The engraving also looks fine compared to my other out of package legit Gengar.



I actually wanted to replace my original orange one because the eye was a bit wonky so I just went ahead and bought another orange one that looked mint. I had planned to resell my old orange one since some people aren't as picky as I am...until I saw that they are actually completely different shades! The newer one I got is a more faded orange and now I'm sure that no two of these Gengar are the same.

The burgundy one I got because I thought it was orange at first, despite the picture being obviously burgundy. People have different cameras and monitors, so I thought it was just the lighting or something. An unfortunate server error of my deputy made it so instead of me winning this for the starting bid of only 100 bucks, my bid wasn't placed and it was carried over to the relisting of the figure FOR ANOTHER WEEK. So my bid was there for the world to see for a week; if you can avoid it, never do this. You're likely to get shill bidded, which is what I think happened and I ended up paying around $140 when no one even bid against me the first time. @_@

I was surprised when it arrived and it was burgundy, not even close to orange. SO.MUCH.HYPE. But my wallet cried.


This is the packaged one I got. There was a few people bidding on this and I don't know if they were from here but if it makes anyone feel better, the package could have possibly been tampered with.
I knew even before I placed a bid on this that someone could just take an old Tomy box and stick one of these orange Gengar in there and make it seem like they had something extremely rare and make everyone lose their mind(and wallets). I knew the risk but eh... it was worth a shot FOR SCIENCE. You start to pick up on stuff like this after a while.

If this was a legit figure, I don't know of any prototypes of any company that come in packages. So this would sort of rule out that theory and now I'm just left with a miscolored Tomy or really well done bootlegs. Prototypes, to my knowledge, are things that have escaped the factory before they could be properly packaged or labeled. Now, I'm not criminalizing the seller at all but this was a perfectly valid thing anyone could do to get people to think they would be getting a miscolored packaged figure, which is worth a lot to the right people.

I'm derp and I just got the package today so I just HAD to go ahead(hypehypehype) and peeled the tape slightly to the side (I then placed it back on the package) before I took pictures but the side with the beat up tape (left side on the picture) is almost EXACTLY how I received it. I reapplied the tape by lifting it from the box onto the plastic area see if it would look the same, to further test my theory and it does.
I unfortunately don't have other in package Tomy figures from these series to compare it to but one of my Darkrai Tomy has pretty much the same packaging structure and the tape is nowhere near as beat up or does it look like it was reapplied at any point. The other side of the Gengar box has pretty clean tape, though it shows wear from the years but no abundance of fibers and foreign dirt like on the left side.



Another thing people tend to leave behind when removing and reapplying tape to packaged figures, packages,tape in general is fibers or hair. Haha, I'm no detective but because I deal with tape all the time because I ship packages, it's common to leave behind these things when reapplying tape.

Fibers,fibers everywhere. Yes, these were there before I lifted the tape a bit; I never peel it off the box completely.


An edit: I dug up the picture of the original auction and as you can see, the tape is pretty much the same way it was back in Japan. Once I saw the backing, I knew the tape looked odd for an apparently "unopened" figure. The seller also highlighted two times how it was unopened, as to reassure. Lol, I swear I'm not trying to nail this person with a bat and this is just for observation purposes. I like this Gengar and don't regret getting it and I very well knew what I was possibly in for.

I lightened the picture a bit using PS because it was really dark and murky.


And as you can see in the next pictures...



It is possible to remove the entire figure with just taking off the tape of one of the sides. Was the figure just put in there to make it seem more valuable than it actually was? I DON'T KNOW, but it's possible.

The figure itself looks near mint with a few imperfections... specially noticeable on one of the hands. I'm not sure if these types of imperfections, like possible black paint rubs, can happen with packaged figures but seeing as it is possible the figure was just placed in there, it just adds some credibility that this packaging might not belong to this figure. Or simply because it could be a miscolor, it got botched in the process during manufacturing. If a Tomy collector could pitch in to see if these noticeable imperfections can happen with packaged figures, it would be really appreciated.

See?! Too many things to consider; my head will explode.




And here's a picture of the whole gang and again, the packaged one is also a different shade. My favorite ones are definitely the burgundy and the tomato soup colored one!
For the curious... I roughly estimated how much these have costed me with fees and junk and it came out to a total of ~$470. My mother...would be upset.


I might be making a big knot out of nothing but these are all just theories and possibilities that ran through my head and this is why I can't really say for sure what these Tomy are to those that have asked. They all vary in shades and colors so I'm thinking they are just miscolored.

Alllllso, I found an older Gengar collector with mostly North American merchandise and they also happened to have one of these orange ones in a picture of their collection. I was lucky enough to get in contact with them and I will be passing this post over to them because they also asked me about the orange Gengar and might find this interesting. I'm going to be asking them later today(they're not from here) if they recall where they got that orange Gengar from because I'm sure no deputy was used on their end.

Came back to edit this part in case people look back at this post. The collector sent me pics of their Gengar Tomys and the one I believed to be one of the orange ones from Japan actually turned out to be a very obvious bubble gum pink bootleg. Now I have seen it all, including a pink Gengar bootleg. It sort of looked like it ate one of those pink berries from the Orange Islands.
Anyway, it was a bootleg (bad molding,etc) so I was wrong that they had an orange one. These appear to be prominent only in Japan at the time of writing this.

If you were looking for something less intense... I still need help with my perspiring figure.

My big Jakks Darkrai was one of my first ever Pokemon pieces that I kept in package. I think I have had him for roughly six years. I was reorganizing my room yesterday and I noticed...droplets inside the package. O_O WAT?! It's hilarious because it seriously looks like my Darkrai is sweating inside the package. It's a bit hard to photograph but I highlighted where the droplets are.



So what the crap is this? Is the plastic deteriorating? I have seriously no idea. I don't really have extreme temperatures in my room and because I have packaged figures out in my room, I keep a dehumidifier in the summer when it gets a bit humid. There's no humidifier now because it's FREEZING.
However, if the plastic is indeed deteriorating, would someone that deals mainly with figures advice I just put this specific figure away into a storage bin for safer keeping or will the packaging be fine in the long run and these things tend to go away on their own? I have no idea how long those droplets have been in the box but I would hate for my big ol Darkrai to become ruined due to the box excreting chemicals or stuff. :T I have in package Tomy figures out too and would hate for them to start "sweating".
If putting figures away into a bin is better than keeping them out despite my room not getting sunlight or extreme temperatures, I don't mind doing that.

Lastly, Gengar does not eat a baby but that picture belongs to something that was one of the things I wanted most and it was the Gengar's Shadow/The Gengar Behind You book. I finally found a Japanese copy in bootiful condition and it didn't cost me a gazillion bucks! So I have photographed all the pages in this book, to which I can't understand a word of... but I can sort of see the what it's about and it hit me right in the feels. ಥ﹏ಥ The illustrations are also amazing and the Japanese version's cover is textured to look like Gengar's silhouette.
Now I'm looking for Gengar's Shadow of the Pokemon Tales series. If you ever see one or have one for sale, I would really love to have it! It's one of my "grails". Looks just like this one but it's in English.

And thanks to Bulbalaur who showed me the Google translate app, I managed to translate most of the book. But my translation was broken in some areas as I couldn't figure out what it said.
Eeveefruit was awesome enough and translated the entire book in not broken Japanese so now we can enjoy the book how it was meant to be read.

I also got this fricken awesome King Boo lamp with my package today. >:D




You may all have forgotten, but your relationship with Gengar has started since you were a baby.


Gengar is lurking everywhere around you.


Huh, you're scared?
But, good things happen if you have a good relationship with him.

Kids who are good at hide-and-seek and shadow tag must be friendly with Gengar.
Sound effects: "Huh?" "Hyoi"= sound effect of something moving swiftly, sort of like "whoop"


But, not everyone can get along with him.
Most kids don't even realize Gengar is there.


Gengar is whimsical.
One day, he might suddenly appear in front of you too.
The box says "Please pick me up." (which is funny because it's usually used for things like abandoned kitties)


Gengar should quickly become a good playmate.
Sound effect: "Ote"= "paw" or "shake", like the trick dogs do where they hold out their paw

And, he always stays near you with a face that says, "I'm on your side."


But, once you begin to think, "Gengar is my best friend"...
he suddenly disappears.
He won't come back even if you cry and be sad.
Because looking at you in that state is Gengar's true joy.



Huh, but you still want to meet him?
Then, first look at your shadow long and hard.
He might already be there.

After the actual translation, I was laughing so hard this is a kid's book and it's about Gengar backstabbing little kids and enjoying seeing them cry. Lol. WHY. ◉ _ ◉

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