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2 Year Anniversary Collection Post!

Happy new year everyone! (You have every right to laugh at my lame last minute banner.)
Today I come with a rather large post covering almost every item in my collection to date!(excluding a couple random figures and my TCG collection) A week or so ago was my 2 year anniversary on PKMNcollectors, but due to traveling and jet-lag I had to put off this collection post until today. ^^'

Let's start with a quick reintroduction to members that aren't familiar with me and my collection yet…

My name is Jessica, but you can call me Princess Snivy, either works! Pokemon has always been a major part of my life ever since my older cousins sent me their old Gameboy Colors and Pokemon Blue and Red, along with a ratty old poster of the first 150 Pokemon, which I still own all of to this day. I grew up playing the games, watching the anime, renting the movies (sobbing every time Latios dies in Heroes), and collecting whatever I could from the American market. Even though most of my friends "outgrew" Pokemon quickly and criticized my immense love for the franchise, I still continued to devote myself to Pokemon, and probably will continue into the distant future. :)
Even though I was first introduced to the series with the original games of the Kanto region, my absolute favorite region will forever and always be Hoenn. I clearly remember every detail of playing Emerald back in the day, and ORAS has been a dream come true. I almost feel spoiled to have my childhood remastered in such an amazing game. <3
My favorite Pokemon are reflected through my choice in main/side collections. The Snivy line was my favorite ever since the CoroCoro leaks first were revealed, and I am also a fan of Espurr, Meowstic, Espeon, and the Treecko line.
I could probably spout random facts about myself all day, so if you have anything else you would like to know about me, just drop a comment below. ^^

Now for the part you actually want to read about~

Just as psychic type cats fit my fancy, so do grass type reptiles. And Snivy, Servine, and Serperior reign as my favorite Pokemon line of all time! Snivy's sense of quiet superiority, intelligence, beauty, and tendency to appear introverted around others has always struck a chord to my very own personality, making me feel as though we were one of the same. My Snivy OC is named Lotus, and she is my true princess Snivy, as depicted in my userpic. <3 Possibly having a custom plush of Lotus in the future would be nice, but I am relatively new to commissioning things, so I'll wait until the right artist appears.


Here's my crowded shelf of flats and figures! I apologize for the poor lighting, the shelves tend to overshadow each other, and flash can just be irritating.

I'm aware that this small shelf isn't nearly as complete as many other Snivy collections out there, but I'm proud of it nonetheless. ^^ I add to it slowly based on figures I find most appealing, and also since Snivy line merch isn't overly in demand or in production right now. One of my most notable figures would be my shiny Snivy kid, which was once a mini grail of mine.

I keep a few keychain plush on the wall, along with letters and drawings that I've received from past packages!

Onto plush!!
A few shelves under hides my nook of Snivy plushies! It's been REALLY hard not splurging on the many other plush I still have yet to add to my collection, but until I do some hardcore weeding, I simply don't have much room to spare. XD

These are the few special Snivy's that I keep out on the ledge near my Espeon collection! The PC Snivy was what started it all, and if any of my plush were to be the true Lotus, it would definitely be her! :D I love how one of her yellow shoulder vines keeps a perfect arch.

And of course, my beloved Sleepy Snivy plush! I still refer to her as the grail of my Snivy collection, out of pure adoration for the beauty. This picture was from when I first got her 2 years ago, but she will pop up again in a later photo as well!

I never expected to fall head over heels for a 6th generation Pokemon, but it happened, and the fall was pretty darn hard. Already being a fan of the psychic cat Espeon, when I layed eyes on the CoroCoro images of the two Meowstic, I was in love. Symmetry is a very important concept to me, and although the male and female are not necessarily mirror reflections of each other, the way they fit together makes it a joy to collect them both! Although my wallet does not agree with me in the slightest... And then of course there's Espurr, who never even received a leak before XY was released! The little gray kitty with the saucer-eyed, blank emotionless expression was a beautiful surprise. I never imagined that Espurr would soon obtain meme status, and even less expected was the IMMENSE AMOUNT OF MERCHANDISE that came all at once! Ignorantly believing that the merch for these cats would be minimal, I vowed to collect every last item I could, but the hard reality has set in that it's not going to be very easy to do so. XD Regardless, I'm very proud of what I have managed to collect, and I plan to keep expanding further and further!

Here is my main shelf for everything except my larger plush!
I tried splitting the shelf up into a section for each Pokemon, but with so many strange pieces of merchandise with all three or two on a piece, the boundary began to fade. ^^'
My Espurr Kid Legion! :D I loved the idea of setting these mischievous five kitties around the house in locations where stumbling upon one would give you a startle. XD I have been lazy and haven't found Meowstic kids to buy yet, so let me know if you have a set! ALSO: BIG POINTS FOR THIS FEMALE MEOWSTIC PLUSH KEYCHAIN!! Why? Because she is the first female Meowstic with soft paws! Every other female meowstic plush either has felt or a prickly stitching effect that makes her plushies not as desirable as the males. So this one is very special in my opinion. I have to also mention that the puzzle and My Dearest pins are some of my favorite non-plush pieces of merchandise, along with the mugs! I still need to buy the My Dearest mugs. Who would've guessed that these cats would appear on so many pieces of pottery..?

And now, plush!
I plan to add smaller items like figures to this shelf, but at the same time, I appreciate the simplicity of how it looks now! (The other shelves above this one will be shown farther down~)
The 1:1 plush are simply the best! <3

If you ignore my newest Sylveon and Fennekin Pokepuff plush, you can see my grumpy cat Banpresto Female Meowstic (thank you razeasha) and chibi Male Meowstic. ^^

When I first joined PKMNcollectors, it was the start of the great Eeveelution merch apocalypse. I had also recently restarted Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness on the Gamecube, and after falling in love with my graceful Espeon, Lattice, I knew I would jump on the merch bandwagon and start an Espeon collection. As gorgeous as my little "shrine" is, I don't plan on expanding it any further. Even though the Espurr line has captured my focus, I could never see myself parting with this collection any time soon.


Aside from the Pokedolls and Canvas plush, my favorite items are the placemat and acrylic cup from the Eevee Collection promo. The designs have always impressed me for every Eeveelution within the promo, so I can only hope that Sylveon receives a similar styled line of merchandise, even if I don't collect her! :)

As I said before, Hoenn has a very nostalgic connection to my Pokemon experience, so it would only be fitting that I also collect a native Hoenn monster! I started officially collecting Treecko after having him as my loyal partner in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, which is why almost all the plush have our hot pink aura-colored ribbons! I consider this a side collection, due to its smaller size.

If you would like a more up close view of this shelf, I posted an update HERE the day before ORAS released with better photos!

I also received the Treecko 1:1 plush over the holidays, completely paid for with Amazon gift cards and Amazon Prime! xD I'm very fond of how soft he actually is with that newer minky fabric, which is silkier than the minky used on my 1:1 Fennekin.

Although focusing on my main collections is top priority, I don't have any problem with collecting other miscellaneous plush that appeal to me! Some of these were childhood favorites, while others are recent releases, and everything in between.

This would be my recently installed wall shelf, and as you can see, it's already very much full. ^^'' I apologize for the non-Pokemon items on display, but it would've been odd to remove them and have blank spaces.

Also, meet my first custom, made by vulpes_canis! He is based off my shiny Fennekin, Todd, from Pokemon Y. I couldn't ask for a better first commission! :3

Underneath the wall shelf lies my normal bookshelf, packed tight with some of my rarer plush and Pokedolls! The top shelf of my water dwelling Pokemon is definitely my favorite, especially my childhood Spheal and Lugia Pokedolls. <3

Here are a few of my childhood Hasbro plush dotted on top of my Treecko 1:1, Sleepy Eevee pillow, and ferocious Pikazard! >:D

DX Eevee has a stylish headband and bow now. XD

Here's Sleepy Snivy again! <3 I traveled to Epcot's Mitsukoshi store while I was in Orlando, and unfortunately they still don't have a single PC plush in sight, but I could walk away without buying the elusive TOMY Mew plush! The other Mew is probably the one item in my collection that is constantly asked about: All that I know was that it was given to me as a gift, purchased from eBay many many years ago, and once had a tush tag but my child-self cut it off. I do not believe it is a bootleg. The embroidery is high quality, and everything is nicely stuffed, even with beans in the bottom!

Big Diancie was a gift from my parents after they traveled into NYC, leaving me to handle the stressful family feuds back in NJ, while Pokedoll Diancie was my surprise gift from classypersian after we decided to each pick out a Pokedoll for each other over the holidays! The fairy gem princesses make themselves well at home with my royal snakes lol.

Last but not least, my PMD plush! Mystery Dungeon has always been my favorite spin-off game from the traditional RP's for its emotional and dark plot. (EXCLUDING GATES TO INFINITY that game brings shame to the older versions :/) I felt lucky enough to find Charmander for sale on the community, but now thanks to polahbear, Piplup has joined the team! I exclusively only play as Piplup in every PMD game where the penguin is a playable character, so this plush was definitely well received. <3333

Thank you for reading, if you managed to get through everything, you deserve a huge hug and chocolate chip cookie. I tried to keep everything as concise as possible, for my and your sake, so let me know if you have any questions or would like me to go into detail about anything you see on this post! Thank you for a wonderful two years, and may there be many more to come!

I'll be back with a sales post after weeding away at my collection some more, and in the future, with a big custom plush get! :D

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