mokeymokey (kiohl) wrote in pkmncollectors,

CT box!

I got some big boxes in the mail this week!! :D

KIDS and ZUKAN zomg

(Actually, I'd completely forgot I'd ordered some of these, mainly the zukan :X I waited so long to get them shipped from Crescent's warehouse that they totally slipped my mind, and I got the ones I wanted from other people in the meantime! Oops)

Eeeeeeeee KIDS. I've wanted these for a while!! :D

Finally, the Girafarig kid, along with Quilava, and the Eeveelutions! Bulba and Weavile were lucky draws from this lot. :3 I've also started to really like the Kingdra line..... Oops. :P

(I wasn't going to keep Scyther, but he just looks so cool!)

So, there are a ton of kids and all the zukan left over! They've been added to my store here. :3

Also, I've sent out packages for everyone except nefhithiel (waiting for your mail to get here), chronidu (needed to find a box the right size), and truepromises (ditto). :3 Let me know if you get them! Thanks! <3
Tags: collection, eevee, girafarig, kingdra, quilava, sales, vaporeon
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