~Crimson Angel~ (crimson_angel02) wrote in pkmncollectors,
~Crimson Angel~

Jakks Shinx and Eevee Pokeball plushies

Hey everyone who is looking for these two pokeball plushies, K B toys has them.

I was quite surprised to see them to say the least espeically after trying Wal-mart and Toys R us. While they did only have one Shinx, they had about five Eevees. :3 (If someone wants an Eevee I could go and pick one or two up tomarrow if you like, providing that they are still there. ^^;)

I do know that not everyone has a K B toys by them, but I thought I'd give a little heads up in case you do. :) Good luck to those that are still looking for them. (I know how you feel as I'm still trying to find the Pixie plushies with no luck. ;_;)
Tags: eevee, shinx
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