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4 year anniversary collection post!

Hello there guys!
The time has come for me...this January marks my 4th birthday on this community, so I thought might as well reintroduce myself and my wonderful collections that I was able to achieve thanks to this community and especially all the wonderful people that surrounds it!

What collections you are going to see the most:

And a preview picture:

First, let me introduce myself! My nickname is hebilea, people call me either Hebi or Lea, whatever suits you! I am currently a 23 year old woman in a small country in Europe called Slovakia! I am currently a student in University of Management.
My love for Pokemon began in the Red/Blue/Yellow era, just like for most people! I lived in Germany during this golden era, and one of the most mindblowing things for me was airing on TV, the Pokemon anime!! Ash was a very inspiring character for me as a kid, and I have watched every episode from Generation 1 and 2!! When Hoenn came out, that is when my love died out for a small while (which I do regret, but with the announcement of ORAS, those fantastic games made it up in my opinion!), but came back to the extreme again when I bought myself a copy of Platinum.
My personal favourite generation would be Generation 5 (if it weren't for Gen 1's nostalgia), because I loved everything about the Black and White games!!! The plot (which was one of the most mindblowing things, because no other Pokemon games got this treatment...gym leaders being directly involved in the war against Ghetsis, I could go on), the music, the characters, not to mention, the POKEMON!!! When I played though my Black game, it felt like Gen 1 to me again, because all you were encountering until the end of the game were Gen 5 Pokemon. The Pokemon from Gen 5 are my absolute favourites, especially their designs and a lot of unique type combinations!

Well then, I should come now to my collections, no? Let's do this!

My main collections:

Other main/side collections that I love to bits and collect:

Other Pokemon loves that I own a few things from:

.............THE LIST GOES ON! I love a lot of Pokemon, okay?

Let me first introduce you to my beloved room, my kingdom and my pride and joy <333

Ugh, it's too bright, but better than when it's too dark at 4PM already!

My bed!!! As you can see, it's filled with too many plushies, but I hevo no problem fitting in anyways!

My adorable sleeping Snivy cuddling with my Mamegoma...soon she will cuddle with my sleeping Froakie!

My adorable and GIANT mommy Galvantula with baby Joltik next to my pillow! She is like a sunshine ;w;

My adorable Greninja couple from my X game! My male Greninja Leon was my starter, while the shiny female Kerri was a Frogadier that I caught in the Friend Safari. They mean a world to me in game <333

Now my wonderful glass cabinets full of Pokemon goodies (and Super Mario, that is my other huge love besides Pokemon!) <333
The reason I have them in glass cabinets is because I have severe dust mite allergy, and we know how dust loves to get onto plushies...that is why I am limiting myself to how much I can display. I have an entire huge collection lying under my bed.

Left part! Tons of Snivy line, Charmanders and a few of my side collections as you can notice!

Right part! Tons of random side collections and other things!

A few of my fav fanarts that I have near my bed! (please ignore the dust :'D)

This fifth glass cabinet is right beside the door! Includes other random plushies, but mainly Froakie and Honedge line!

Now to my collections!!


Charmander is to this day my absolute favourite Pokemon due to nostalgia.

This adorable girl has been with me since I was about 9 years old? She is still my most cherished Pokemon item I own, and I just love her to bits! She went through the happy times and bad times with me!

NOTICE!!! My Charmander collection is MUCH MUCH HUGER than this, these are only my favourite things that I have decided to display, since I am limited to space in room and allergy reasons!
This is no excuse though, I should do a collection update of my entire Charmanders.

HOWEVER, almost all of my collection of Charmanders can be found here, so please take a look at them! They are absolute darling <3

My favourite Charmander item:

My favourite item of all Charmanders might be actually this old school music box!! It plays the original Japanese intro tune!
Here is a video of it! The tune is just so lovely!


These are my absolute darlings!! I have grown to really like real manta rays, and these two spread my love for manta rays even more! Surprisingly, these two have SO MUCH MERCHANDISE, it's almost impossible to keep up!!!

This is what my collection looked like about 3 years ago...

This is my collection in my glass cabinet, again, limited to how much I can display...

Please take a look HERE at my Mantyke/Mantine collection that I have posted about a year ago! That is where my manta ray paradise resists and all of my collection is shown!! As of now, I own about 300-500 things of them and counting??? Holy damn....

My favourite item in my collection:

That would be my Jackie and Mantyke figure that has been eluding me for years, but was able to get finally! This was a holy grail for me, as these Manaphy movie figures are super rare and highly sought after!

Of course, all can be found over here individually as well!


These beauties were an INSTANT LOVE when Black and White came out. Not to mention that I also LOVE SNAKES!!! (Hebi, my nickname, means snake in Japanese) I was so crazy for these guys that I wanted to own everything of these guys, but alas, how hard that is to achieve. However, as of now, I own about 400-700 items of these guys alone, counting plush, figures, stationary, flats, everything!! If that is not an exaggeration, because I am not good at guessing numbers.

This is what my collection used to be like more than 3 years ago...a lot really.

This is what my glass cabinets are filled with, again, with only favourite plush of mine!

These are just my plush alone...holy damn, so many Snivies.
MY ENTIRE COLLECTION CAN BE FOUND HERE in my pkmncollectors post!

My favourite item in my collection:

That would be my Banpresto DX Snivy that started it all. He was my first Snivy line item ever and he started my love for these guys even more and wanting to collect them!!

All of them individually can be found here as well:


I don't have much to say about these guys, but seriously, these guys were not an instant love for me. Only then when I got a Honedge in my team, that is when my love for these guys grew. The reason I chose him to be on my team is because I wanted to have a new Pokemon from Gen 6 that would be strong against fairies, and these guys looked the coolest to me.

Well, this display kinda sucks...it is hard to display these guys, as a lot of them are flat things. So I will have to redo this shelf sometime XD


My favourite item in my collection:

Very hard decision, but in the end, I think the Kokeshi mug with the Doublade art wins it. I am a huge sucker for tea, and this traditional Japanese looking mug is just perfect in every way <333

I have dedicated an entire COLLECTION SITE for these guys, so please take a look at them!!



FROG NINJAS!!! My absolute favourite water starter line! My starter Leon from X, now a Greninja means a world to me, as he is the first Pokemon in my life that reach the lvl 100 mark. Up until X, I was never such a game nerd that I would play a Pokemon game for more than 50 hours. My X game is now over 800 hours old due to playing a lot with my beloved team and shiny hunting. This is my most played game to date and my team that sticked with me are the main reason for it <3

Here they are! All of my loves <333

A few close ups of the smaller items!

And of course, my two cherished Greninja couple customs <333


Of course there is my mommy Galvantula and baby Joltik plush...

Here is an entire shelf dedicated to these three lines! All I can say is that my love for these guys is endless <333


My fairly big Cubchoo line and Vanilite line collections!! Can you see how much I love Gen 5 Pokemon??...


My Riolus!!!! Goodness, I love these guys! I have the giant shimmery DX Riolu plush too, but he just doesn't fit in!


Aaaaaaah, cutest bats in the world <333
I actually have a small collection of merchandise as well, but at the moment, I would like to show off my beloved customs, especially of my OC Peppermint that is a shiny Noibat that I have caught in the Friend Safari and means a lot to me!!

Here they are! Customs are such a joy to have, but they are always the pricier ones ;w;




A few of my beloved shelves! My favourite is obviously this last one with the pokedolls, Pokemon Time plush and others! <33

Thank you so much for all the wonderful years on this community, it is all of you and a lot of lovely friends from here that kept supporting me in my collections and that is how I was able to make it grow this big!

Special thanks goes to these special people:

dragonrider49 - My probably oldest friend from this community! We helped each other out a lot and send each other presents for Birthday and Christmas from time to time!

princess_snivy - My Snivy line buddy! It is always a joy for me to be friends with rivals! Not to mention that she has helped me on numerous occassions getting some items for my collection!

3kame - The most wonderful turtle loving Pokemon lover in the world! She is my middleman in terms of Pokemon items (and a few others too) and I am happy to spread some love for the manta rays with her. We give each other manta ray and turtle gifts, so that's always super fun <3

hawlucha - My beloved Hawlucha loving friend! We help out each other a lot when it comes to Honedge line and Hawlucha items, as these Gen 6 Pokemon tend to be included in the same merchandise!

technicolorcage - Another wonderful friend that from time to time tells me about grails that she find on Yahoo Japan and thanks to whom I was able to get a lot of rare items for my collections! Thank you hunnie <33

kidgengar - I am sometimes a Japanese noob and have a hard time finding things, but not for her! She has helped me a lot with searching for Pokemon items, especially for Honedge line!

acidmimi and dezi_kitsune - My wonderful penpals, who have helped me get a bunch of Pokemon items that I have been searching for!

Other huge thanks to these people that have helped me out as well: aburamechan, alecko, clair2522, gleameyesluxray, methuselah31010, midnitesilven, nasija, lady_supergirl, pikachux, rainyan, razeasha, riolu, tsutarjafan_18, xxlatiosxx and I hope I didn't forget anybody, but might have, sorry guys!

Keep being wonderful all of you guys and let's keep this community strong and going! Thank you all <3
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