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Topps Pokémon Cards - Question

I've being told that there are two different types of foils with a rainbow reflection in series 1 blue logo/oval seal, when I previuosly thought there was only one rainbow type and a metallic type.

The first and most common type has the pokémon or the character without reflection and the background with a rainbow reflection.
The second and rarer type has the reflection all over the card.

I've been told that, unlike chromatic foils and metallic foils which come from different booster boxes, the second type of chromatic foils comes in the same booster boxes as the first type, but it's rarer. The persone who told me had found 108 foils and 14 were of the second type, which is 13%, this probably means a 10% or 15% chance.

I was wondering these thing happens for other series too.
All my chromatic foils from series 1, 2, 3 and the First Movie are of the first type.

In a few weeks I will add a new column in my program to catalogue Topps Pokémon Cards for series 1 blue logo/oval seal for the newly found foil type. If anyone could tell me if they have cards from series 2, 3 or other series that have the reflection all over the card and send me a picture I will add a column in those series too. (I will also probably add new scans)
Also, if anyone has a pikachu #25 cards of the second foil type and they could take a straight picture for me I will put it in the "Foil Overview" section has an example. I should be able to cut the photo like this to make the sample picture (this is my own pikachu first chromatic foil type):


Thank you for the attention!
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