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Heartland Lucario Sale

Ok, now that my other post is finally off the front page (still need middleman in Russia by the way) I can post this. I've been debating for a long time and I decided to take offers on this guy.

- Dog friendly home but she has not been in contact with him.
- I ship from the US. Usually within 5 days of payment.
- No trades unless you have the Riolu shopper

This is a somewhat old picture but he looks the same. I can't take any decent pictures at the moment due to wiring in my ceiling fan causing the lights not to work.

Lucario is MWT and is in excellent condition. He's been in a plastic bag since I got him to minimize any dust or hair getting on him. He stands at about 2"9 tall according to the three sources I looked at, never measured him myself.
My price is $900 OBO + shipping. It's high I know, but I've seen this guy jump all over the place in price so I'm not sure where to put him. Due to his weight combined with the weight of the box first class shipping is not an option for domestic or international. Domestic shipping is roughly $40 for priority however he might qualify for economy shipping/standard post which could lower the price, I'll have to check. International shipping is $65 for priority which includes tracking. These amounts do not include fees. Lucario will also be cross listed on ebay but you'll get him cheaper buying here on livejournal.
- No I will not unstuff him. I don't know anything about sewing and would have no idea what I'm doing.
edit: Sale pending.

Now, I have a friend (fellow community member) who is interested in purchasing a Heartland Lucario however she's looking to get one without its tag to lower the cost. On that note, if anyone is interested in some sort of three way deal let me know. This is more targeted at someone who has the plush without its tag and is looking to get one with its tag.

And once again another plug for my grail. One day I'll get it. xD
I will pay very handsomely for this bag. I would also be willing to do a partial trade with my extra Mega Lucario bag or anything in my non-Riolu collections to an extent.
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