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ye olde lugia collection, and figure lots for sale!

I really wanted to make this post a little more interesting by adding a collection image with the sales. Until I realised pretty much every one of my collections is waiting for an update of some sort.

I figured I'd just take pics of an older collection of mine - Lugia. Although I no longer collect Lugia as much, I pick up a piece of merch every now and then. Without further ado....

How typical of one item (marble) not to show up on the photo. Anyway, the Lugia Zukan does indeed have his little Satoshi friend, but he resides with the other Ash rather than on the Zukan. The watch still works actually. Someone else gave me the smaller DX Kid Lugia, it's a total bummer I don't think there's any way to get rid of the yellowing.

I've had the talking figure for.... Years. Same with the marble bag. The plush was from my first ever trip to the Pokemon Center. And, if I remember correctly, the first plush I picked up and put in my basket <3

And sales! I've put some Pokes in evo lines and bundled them together. You can ask to separate these, but I'm more likely to sell to someone who wants them all. I kinda need them all gone really :x

The following prices include everything you see of that character & where possible, of their evolution line! They don't include shipping, which, to the US would be $4 flat. UK & EU will be cheaper!

NOTE: Not all figures are in mint condition. I have mentioned anything you can't see, but the picture is what you'll get. Ask if further info is required :3




$8 (DX Kids has flaw)




$8 (Leftmost Pika is keychainless and has a black marker at the back)

$4 for Latias (one tiny spot on head, should come off with some scrubbing/mr eraser), $6 for Skymin

Final notice for Pin Badge Group Auction! Ending tomorrow at 11am GMT!
Tags: bulbasaur, clefable, clefairy, ivysaur, jigglypuff, lugia, mewtwo, pichu, pidgeotto, pikachu, venusaur
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