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Collection Update #2!

I've been meaning to get around to posting this update, but I've been so swamped by the holidays and bad news (neighbor of mine who is a great friend just got informed his throat cancer is back) that I have not been able to get around to it.

I made my first-ever purchase off of Y!J, using my first-ever proxy service (SMJ). I successfully bidded on a set of 2009 Pokedolls of Suicune, Raikou, and Entei, without hangtags. After shipping it over, it came out to about 60 USD (the original Y!J price was 3300 yen).

My boyfriend, who will one day be my beloved husband, decided he was going to save me 60 bucks and he paid my invoice for me. What a sweetheart. <3

Here's the updated collection, now, in one place:


Hasbro Mudkip (been with me for ten years!), my birthday Mudkip (2014 life-size, Japanese), JP Takara Tomy Celebi (I think it's from 2009, as that's when I got it, it's still got its hang-tag), the 2009 Legendary Beast Pokedolls, Hasbro Lugia (my mom bought this for me when I was 8 and got into furious bidding wars on eBay to get me one--thanks mom <3), and I LOVE EEVEE Super DX Leafeon (my boyfriend's birthday gift to me).

And, as a bonus:

I was attempting to soft reset for the perfect competitive Entei... Sure enough, I got my perfect Entei after only 30 minutes of SRing! Entei Pokedoll was supervising me the whole time--I'm thinking he's my good luck charm. :)

That's all for now!
Tags: celebi, collection update, entei, gets, leafeon, lugia, mudkip, raikou, suicune
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