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Pepper's Pokemon Commissions

hey hey everyone! Hope you all had a lovely winter break <3 today I bring you some art commissions (and an update soon to follow, I have grails inbound!)

Sales permission granted 22/09/2014 by Entirely cliched
My feedback is here:
I ship worldwide, from the UK
All art commissions will be shipped in a card backed envelope
I will not sell to banned members or via PM
Please be aware that these are drawn to order so will take a couple of days before they're ready to ship.
My next shipping day is Thursday
Art is drawn/printed onto either 135gsm sketchbook paper or lightweight card.
I'd also be happy to do a trade/partial trade for wants/merch I collect Typhlosion, Ampharos, Gengar, Pumpkaboo, Drifloon and Flygon. Specific wants include keychains/charms of the above, Spooky party Pumpkaboo merch and metal Pumpkaboo figures.

So onto the examples and prices etc!

So, these will be individual images, 1 Pokemon would be $5 with $1 shipping or 2 for $9 with free shipping <3 I can either draw them with markers/pencils, or draw them digitally and print onto sketch pad paper, whichever you prefer. I'm happy to do basically any pokemon, with accessories etc, just no humans please |D

Now, some actual pictures!
image image

I also have some other pieces for examples of my style of drawing:

I also have a few things left in my sales post and will adding LOADS more stuff over the coming week.

I THINK that's everything I needed to add. If you have any questions, shoot me a comment and I'll do my best to answer!
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