acidmimi (acidmimi) wrote in pkmncollectors,


Sorry for the delays on getting you guys' packages mailed
BUT good news
My mom said this week she'll start mailing out my packages
so YAY! She finally trust everyone enough xDD moms.
Anyway but I can only mail liek 5 packages per day because she has to buy envelopes and everything so if all goes as planned everyones stuff should be mailed out this week in intervals

Thanks again for being so patient with me! Oh and mroe good news I'll be getting a paypal soon so if there was somthing oyu wanted in my trades post but didn't have somthing to trade now if you want to buy it you can c:

or atleast you'll be able to soon

I'm actually hopign to start a little shop soon like in my journal c:
Im so excited
and I stil lcan't wait to post my first kids collection post
thanks again everyone whos tradign with me and thanks again for being so patient with me <3
Tags: info
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