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Goomy Promo | New Get + Grial~

Hey all, just a quick post,

There's a new PC  promotion coming out and it's featuring Goomy :D
Giant Plush 3,800 Y
Slippers 2,000 Y
Keychain plush 900 Y

The promo sales start Febuart 7th.
Might try to snag that Giant Goomy o - o if anyone's doing pickups let me know~
ok now,
I got something really cool in the mail~ two things actually! The 1:1 Minccino and a little grail get >u<.
Preview~ more under the cut!

The 1:1 munccino is so awesome! Super squishy and cuddly. It's also HUGE! I'm soo happy with it especially since I'm doing a comic with a minccino as the main character.


and lastly we have a little Grail~
A MWT 2009 Canvas Eevee! He's so cute. I got him for such a good price ($30) on Y!J.

Also if anyone's interested in my art here's the cover of the comic I was talking about~ (click to view in my FA account)

Thanks for reading~!
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