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Collection Update + Wants

It's amazing how much my collection has grown since I joined this amazing community, so I thought since I finally had some time to get my collection site up to date, I would do another update for you guys! As a warning, lots of pictures and flower toads ahead!

I don't think I have shared my pokedoll corner before, but these are most of my non-main collection dolls!! It's crazy to think that when I joined here less than two years ago I only had one, my raikou pokedoll. Now look at them all!

I know my number of pokedolls is nothing compared to many other collectors here, but I try to be as picky as possible with them since I prefer to focus my wallet towards my main collections instead!

I love how chubby raichu is! And giratina is a dear friends favorite pokemon, so I had to have one since it reminds me of her!

Togekiss is probably my favorite of all these dolls, I've been using togekiss on my team since pearl version and I plan to have a side collection of it in the future!

But of all my pokedolls, my shiny raikou is always going to be the most special to me! I've had him for awhile but I still can't get over the fact that I have him!

And then there's my main collection...

I'm really starting to run out of room ;u;

so many flower toads!

I actually had to move some of my larger 'saurs to another shelf to make more room. I finally got a japanese talking tomy that works thanks to laspider/yellowmudkip! :D

My glaceons! I think the shiny kid and teacup are my favorite things here.

My raikou collection is growing ever so slowly, but I love them all to bits!

I love all my shiny pokemon figures! I can't believe I've gotten this many in such a short time! I got cyndaquil and zapdos in a trade with partywooper and they just look so great! I really hope I can track down the rest of the hasbro shiny figures eventually! I have a couple more shiny kids on the way too!

Here's a link to my collection site if anybody is interested!

And finally, heres a few wants:

main wants

-Bulbasaur pokemon time plush (GRAIL)
-shiny bulbasaur and ivysaur kid figures
-shadow lugia pokedoll (tush tag only is fine)
-shiny hasbro figures (lower priority)
-other shiny kids (lower priority)

Thank you all, and have a great weekend! ^-^
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