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Tingles Your Taste Buds!

You Know What They Say, She's A Tiger!

As some of you may have already known based off from my most recent sales post, I received another Crescent-Shop shipment just earlier in the week. Just thought I'd share some of the highlights I kept for myself! ♥

First and foremost, grail attainment! As a Skitty collector, this fiendish feline's long been on my look-out list and I was lucky enough to grab off her Y!Japan without too much competition. She measures at a gorgeous height of about 14 inches and is also about 14 inches across.

To be honest, this particular Lucario was more of a surprise than anything. The image provided in the auction wasn't too keen on details, and I was 80% certain that I had just grabbed the Tomy double, only to note the difference in the hang tag. Lucario Kid (coincidentally the last of the Lucario Kids I needed other than clears), courtesy of happyjolteon, for comparison purposes!

And one last comparison besides the Tomy Lucario plush. I'll definitely attest to liking the Tomy one better, but mystery!Lucario is a more than welcome addition to the collection. For one thing, I'm kind of smitten on how he seems to be permanently intent on "sliding to the right". ;P

This was also another surprise. I don't collect Celebi at all whatsoever, but this wind chime struck me as such a novelty that I couldn't bear to part with it. It makes a most beautiful sound. ♥

Additions to the Cyndaquil-Line collection! Pencil hugger, coin purse, and fuzzy figure!

I think I almost teared a bit at the sight of the Typhlosion bank. Both coin banks are extremely gorgeous, but I've found it incredibly hard to find any non-flat merchandise for the bristling final evolution to where grabbing something like this is a truly happy moment for me.

Last surprise I swear! I've never even heard of or seen this item before, so that probably explains why I jumped on the auction without hesitation. Then again, the auction very misleadingly featured a set of four of these (including pillow banks for Treecko and Mudkip, other than doubles of Torchic) with no textual indication that implied otherwise, so I thought I was grabbing the entire lot, only to be asked by CS later to choose just one. D;

Achamo, Achamo, Achamo! The pillow bank is extraordinarily huge, about 6.5 inches along all sides when zipped up, while extending up to 13 inches long when opened up.

And, as always, more zukan additions. Blaziken on the right's a grail for my collection, but everyone's just stunning in general.

For whatever reason, I feel very less-than-compelled to collect zukan of Legendaries, but Rayquaza here is simply beautiful. Also...

Additionally, attention to Washington locals! It's a bit late into the month for this shout-out, but for those who don't already know, there's an upcoming anime convention called Aki-Con taking place November 7th - November 9th at the Holiday Inn located in downtown Everett. Pre-registration is still open and officially closes on the 30th of this month. I'll personally be there (and cosplaying) during that weekend and I'm curious if anyone else has already made plans to go or interested in going. Any takers? ;D

And in the case we do grab anyone other than myself, how does everyone feel about arranging a PKMNCollectors meet-up? According to the official forum posts, the Pokemon cosplay photoshoot takes place on Saturday, the 8th of November, at 4 PM, for starters.

Meanwhiles, thanks for looking everyone! ♥
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