chelsia :D (truepromises) wrote in pkmncollectors,
chelsia :D

pokemon centre christmas plush bid! :D

Hey everybody! :D Have been wanting to get this rare x'mas Pikaplush for the longest time. When I finally found it you can imagine how excited I wasss xD

But these plush come in a pair, and I don't really collect Aipom although this Aipom plush has to be one of the cutest I've ever seen. :)
So I'll be holding an auction for this adorable rare Aipom X'mas plush. :DD

I would imagine payment + shipping for these to be about 34 USD in total. I'll be paying 18 USD myself for the Pika, so this is no means of earning profit for myself whatsoever. :) Leave a comment if you'd like to bid for the Aipom plush! First one to confirm payment gets it.

Pokemon Centre (if i'm not wrong :D) Aipom X'mas Plush going for 16 USD :DD the auction closed already ):
The auction closes in 6 hours time so I'm hoping to be able to bid for both by then.

Ahhh zomgggg. Look at those smiles and the little puff balls :DDDD Eeeeep.

OH YES, i've updated my sales post yet again, whee! do take a look :) i'm open to trades! especially for pika items hehe.
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