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SMJ wins, wants, and a question!

 First off I wanted to say thank you to everyone who assisted me a while back in figuring out SMJ as well as Crescent shop, since then I have won 2 auctions, paid for one and waiting for shipping info on it, and just last night I won another.  With the help I've received everything thus far has been smooth sailing and the fee's have been right around what I was told to expect, in some cases lower.

Question: The first auction says it has arrived, and I've paid for it, but.... the option to Pay is still there. I was never prompted via email to pay for it either, Just noticed I had the option to pay and did it, was this a mistake?

First off, in my quest to collect every type of Toto-Plush, I was absolutely enthralled when I found this lot,

dfgsdgdsfgsdfsdg WINTERTOTO <3 Seriously, I remember when this guy first came out years ago and haven't seen him since, and honestly wasn't expecting to see him again ;A; He's honestly in my opinion the cutest toto plush they've made <3 

And then just a couple nights ago I managed to snag this plush lot -

dfgsdfgs a fackin Huge lot, several of the summer plush from a while back.  From this lot I'm only looking to really Keep the Totodile, and possibly the Mudkip and Turtwig. So expect to see the rest for sale in a post in the fuuuutuuure~ Just a note that I won't be putting any on hold/reserve at this point xD 

But also, curious, what's a reasonable price for most of these D:? Or does it vary?

And finally, onto the Wants.

Basically, I'm looking for Totodile/Croconaw/Feraligator stuff, Plush especially, but also figures and the like OAO Not really looking for Cards/pan stickers/etc.
Also, looking for ANY Larvitar Plush, I'm trying to create an Army for... reasons.... >u>


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