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Intro Post : )

Hello, I just got my request accepted to join this community!
My name is Alex I'm from TX and i have been collecting Pokemon since i was young, but well some of them had to go... and then for some years I lost my interest in Pokemon...
And a few years later i returned! The 3rd generation had just started so i was very exited with so much new pokemon!
Now years have passed and i have so much new stuff the 4th generation is so cool!

I have too much favorite pokemon: Ambipom, Luxio, Raichu, eeveelutions, Pachirisu, Manaphy, Luxray, Shaymin (both forms), Riolu, Buneary, Chimchar, Wartortle... etc... they are too much i will try to decide which ones are better so I can have less fav's

I love collecting plushes, actually i think i have too much so i always put in a bag the ones that have to go and wait for the best opportunity to sell them! I also collect pokekids but i don't have much of those...

I will be showing all of my collection as soon as i get my new camera, that could be in 2 weeks or less...
Anyways i hope i make some new great friends and i can't wait to show you all of my collection!! they are plushes from all generations! colorful :3

And thanks to the mods for letting me join the fun... i think i sent like three requests, i was very nervous...

Well Thanks! Cya.
Tags: introductions
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