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I'd love to know what exactly this merch of my childhood memories actually is...

Hello all! Hope you're all doing well and boy are you all having a LOVELY start to 2015 guys with all the gets! Your collections are looking awesome! =D

So last night, I was having a "Can't get to sleep so I'll go on one of my mad train of thoughts which prevents me from sleeping" predicament and inevitably, my train stopped at the "Pokemon Merch" station. I was thinking of all the merch I used to have as a kid (I miss it all so much! ;^;) and strangely, remembered ONE piece of merch that I have NEVER seen since I purchased it =S

I tried googling a rough guess as to what it could be and just found lots of customs and the old silicone plaster moulds that came in a kit (which I had as a kid also <3 God I wish I could have them again now that I'm not so hapless with a paintbrush xD)

Basically, what I remember of it was that it was for the most part, a Pokeball which opened and closed. Sounds simple enough? Nope. Inside this Pokeball, were two black silicone moulds, each one fitting in each half of the Pokeball. When the two moulds came together inside the Pokeball when it was closed, the moulds would act as two halves of a tiiiiiny little Pokemon figure (The one I had was Bulbasaur, though I'm unsure if there are any other variations as I remember this was the only one in stock at the shop I got it from).

"How did we get a figure out of all this?" you ask... This little set came with clays which coordinated with the colours of the Pokemon your set was based off! In Bulbasaur's case of course, this was green, blue, red and white! I only remember getting a very small amount of clay. I think I only remember getting 2 Bulbasaurs out of this set...which isn't much considering the Bulbasaurs came out about less than half the size of  a Tomy figure. Now here's where I get a bit hazy. I can't remember if the clay was oven bake (I.e Polymer Clay), or air dry. I THINK I vaguely remember baking him in the oven at my sister's house when my family were visiting her...but then I get doubts when I start to think that maybe that was a bit dangerous for the general age group that Pokemon merch aimed itself at in those days. Despite this, I am leaning more towards the clay being polymer clay as I think my first Bulba came out a little bit...nicely tanned? xD

I remember buying this from a UK based store called "BOYES" in the early 2000s which essentially was like a Woolworths/Poundstretcher type shop where you could buy EVERYTHING (not sure what any international equivilants would be xP) and remember it maybe being about £3-4? I purchased it alongside a Cubone and Wartortle Battle Playset and a flashing Pikachu keychain which was holding a little red apple, all of which is official merch from what I've seen on here so I'm very much in doubt that my little mystery is a knock off or unofficial merch.

So of course, despite remembering ALL of this...I cannot for the life of me remember what this merch item was actually called! I'd love to know since my boyfriend bought me one last Pokemon related Christmas present last year which wasn't in my recent gets post...which was a MIP Vaporeon Power Bouncer, a real trip into my childhood nostalgia! This has since sparked off a notion in my head that I would love to "re-collect" my beloved childhood merch and keep it all MIP if at all possible for "the feels" =P

Hope somebody can help me out in finding what this thing was and all the best to you all! <3 Thank yoooou!

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