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New Years bring new gets!

Hey everyone, happy New Year! I've been slowing down my collecting lately, but I got some cool new stuff and found a store I thought you might appreciate!

First up, I have a friend who visits his family in Japan each year, and he knows I'm a huge Poke-fan, so he brings me back a little something! This year he didn't have time to visit a Pokemon Center, but I still love what he found!
Meowth phone charm photo Meowthcharm_zps6c35e635.jpg
A Meowth phone charm! I'm not really a fan of Meowth, but this little guy is so cute! I love the pose, the expression on his face, and all the detail - the middle ice cream scoop has a Pokeball on it!

I think I remember hearing about these - different cities in Japan got different figure charms with mascot Pokemon (like Pikachu, Meowth, Eevee) doing different things, wearing special costumes and so on.

Next, this cool geek shop opened in my city, and I saw they had some Pokemon stuff on their Facebook page, so I was super psyched to go! Before I show you what I got there, here are a few photos of the other Pokemon merch at the Geekatorium Boutique! (Sorry for the phone quality!)

Boutique Geekatorium - Pokemon stuff photo IMG-20141129-00228_zps38713d67.jpg
Belts! I really love that Eeveelutions one! There was also one with a bunch of Charmander!

Boutique Geekatorium - Pokemon stuff photo IMG-20141129-00230_zps073b0ccf.jpg
Summer hats! That Charizard is badass!

Boutique Geekatorium - Pokemon stuff photo IMG-20141129-00231_zpsa3989670.jpg
Winter hats! (This is Quebec, after all!)

Boutique Geekatorium - Pokemon stuff photo IMG-20141129-00232_zpsccb2f137.jpg
Socks! (The middle one says "Gotta catch 'em all" of course!)

The store also had a few other Pokemon items, like a sweater and leggings with a Pokeball print. I'm unsure what companies most of them are from, but I'm pretty sure some items, like the sweater and leggings, are unliscenced. Most seem official, though!

So what did I get? Well, I saw one particular belt on their Facebook page, and I immediately knew I had to have it!

Mewtwo belt photo Mewtwobelt_zps38e3a1be.jpg
A Mewtwo belt, of course! I'm really happy with this purchase - I get to wear a nerdy belt with my favourite Pokemon whenever I want, and nobody has to know because my shirts usually cover it. So sneaky!

If there's anything here that appeals to anybody, I could possibly do some pickups! Just a warning, though - since it's a small store they do mark-up their items, so for instance the belt came out to $19.55 CAD!

I've also updated ye olde Sales Post, so check it out!

Thanks for reading!
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