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Boot Sale Poke-finds!~

Before I start - thank you so much to everyone who replied to my post asking about the cute button plushies - because of you guys, I found the Slakoth, Trecko and Spinda on Yahoo Japan ^-^

andyboyh and I decided to visit our local car boot sale today, and were surprised at how many Pokemon plush we found! ^-^ They're all in good condition too for first/second generation plushies! ^-^

I've been looking for the 1/1 scale Togepi for a while, so I was pleased to find one! :D Andy picked up the Gengar for his ghosties collection ^-^ I think we're going to go back soon to see what other things we can find~ :D Do many other community members visit Boot/Garage/Yard sales to scout for Poke-goodness? ^-^

We're only keeping Togepi and Gengar, so if anyone would to give any of the others a good home, I've put them under the cut :D
Type your cut contents here.
These are from left to right in the photo ^-^ I wasn't sure on prices, so feel free to haggle!~ (I also accept trades for plush, zukan, or ghosties/pika items!)
Large Pikachu Pyjama Case (plush is in excellent condition and he is lovely and soft, he has some rubbing to his cheeks): $6
Play by Play Pikachu (is in excellent clean condition, and has his tag): $5
Talking Electronic Pikachu (Still works perfectly! He is in very good condition, his ears waggle and cheeks light up when he speaks): $7
Taking Electronic Pikachu (Plush is in nice condition, he still talks and lights up but his ears don't move anymore): $5
Snorlax PlaybyPlay plush: (is a bit loved!): $3

oh! Also! I've reduced the prices of some of the zukan in Safari Zone (including the eeveelutions, which are now at $35) - if you're interested, head across to www.safarizone.co.uk :D

Lastly, a bit of an apology - its taking me a lot longer than I thought to leave everyone feedback, but don't worry - if you've sold something to me/bought something from me you'll have feedback in the next couple of days if you haven't had some over the weekend *promises never to to get busy and fall behind ever again* ^^;; *hands out cookies to say sorry for being slow*
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