Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,


Now this is a story all about how my raichu got flipped turned upside down.

many many moons ago someone PMed me on pokebeach forums telling me they had a raichu i do not have (people love to tell this to me, you'd be shocked how many notes on DA/PMs on forums i get that are titled "you dont have this raichu". 99% of the time they are wrong, but....) well, i asked them what, and they said THE BURGER KING RAICHU PLUSH.

bullcrap. there's no such thing. i wrote back and asked for a photo. no photo. will you scan it? no. will you sell it to me? my mom says i cant. well are you SURE its not on my website (in major need of an update)? yes. i'm sure. it's not on your website.

i decided they were just trying to annoy the crap out of me. some people make a hobby out of annoying the crap out of me. nothing annoys the crap out of me more than someone claiming to have a raichu i don't have and then not elaborating about it, not having a photo and/or refusing to trade or sell it to me for my very very high offers of usually a benjamin franklin (yes people, find a raichu gin doesn't have + ???? = profit!)

well, that was a while ago. i put it out of sight, out of mind. there's no such thing as a burger king raichu plush.


yesterday it happened again. a comment on my deviantart. "you don't have this raichu", and this time with a photograph hosted on ebayimg. wow. it really was a raichu i didn't have and had never seen before. with a little suction cup on a string. holy what the christ. not a bootleg either. but the person left it at that, even though it was an auction, they left me no link. this annoys the crap out of me (see?). i spent a few hours fruitlessly searching high and low, ended auctions, current auctions, painstakingly thumbing through a bazillion pages of deformed "pokemon plush" on ebay.

then, there it was. on a foreign ebay that wouldnt show up on any other listings. a foreign ebay that thank god is from a country i happen to have a very generous and caring friend living in. only a few hours left. i did bid. i did win it for 8 euros.

all i have to say is a quote from the auction itself.... "ist von burger king".

ist von burger king, bizanatches.

Tags: plush, raichu
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