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Hanafuda straps and can badges: sales and offers!

Hi people! I'll be refreshing my sales post soon, but for now I wanted to do a quick sale of some hanafuda merch. I bought full sets of the phone straps and can badges to make sure I got my Vileplumes, so apart from a couple set aside for friends, all the rest are up for sale now!

My sales permission is grandfathered from the start of the comm. My feedback is here.

- I only accept Paypal for international buyers except in extraordinary circumstances. Inside Australia, I will take Paypal or bank deposit.
- All prices are in USD, Australian buyers may choose to pay in AUD (regardless of payment method - please let me know if you would like to pay in AUD).
- Final totals will include all fees and shipping. Please pay within 24 hours of me giving you the total.

These all ship as flat and light, in a bubble mailer.
- I can ship up to two straps, or up to five can badges, or a strap and three badges, for $3.20 internationally (if you want more than this, I'll work with you; shipping goes up but I might be able to get a smaller mailer which will be lighter, I only have medium sized mailers at the moment).
- Pretty much anything ships for $2 within Australia, I cannot imagine one of these packages going more than 125g.
- I am shipping from Australia with regular Australia Post airmail. If you'd like registered mail (insurance), it's possible for an extra fee; ask (it'll be $10+ extra). Tracking is, honestly, probably not worth it on these, you're looking at $15+ extra, but if you want it, I can get it. I can't be held responsible for loss or damage in the post if you don't purchase insurance.
- Right now I'm not working, so your stuff will probably be shipped within a couple of days after payment.

General rules:
- NO QUOTES, unless you're ordering more than what I quoted for above. Since these are all the same size/shape and flat, shipping doesn't vary. If you ask for a quote without commitment for something that falls into the above categories, I will ignore you.
- DO NOT EDIT/DELETE YOUR COMMENTS. If you want to add things or ask for more details, then you can reply to your comment, but please don't edit or delete them as it makes it harder to figure out who asked for things first. I do subscribe to email notifications for comments/edits, and if you use an edit to back out of a purchase then I reserve the right to leave negative feedback for backing out as it shows you haven't read the rules.
- And in general, I will leave negative feedback for backing out after committing to an item. Making an offer counts as a commitment if I choose to accept the offer.
- Please do not ask for/offer me trades. The only thing I will consider trading for is another Vileplume hanafuda strap or can badge. Heck, I'll probably buy one if you have one.
- Unless you already have an open order with me, I won't combine shipping with my regular sales right now; I need to sort through items, add new things and refresh the post in general. I think this is reasonable since these items are small and have relatively inexpensive shipping. You are welcome to come back and see what's left once my regular sales is refreshed.

End whenever I like an offer, or in general about 24 hours after the last offer is made (if I've accepted an offer in-thread, the item is sold). Please reply in-thread, or your offer won't count.

Okay! Items! Cutie moon rod pen for size reference.

Straps are rubber, sturdy, about 1.5in/4.5cm square. All straps are up for offer starting at $7.

Can badges are about 1x1.5in.

These badges are up for offer starting at $7 each:

All the badges after here are straight sale!

These badges are $6 each:

Sold: Primeape/Arcanine, Ponyta/Rapidash

These badges are $5 each:

Sold: Arbok/Slowpoke, Zubat/Victreebel, Gengar/Seadra/Dodrio, Pidgey/Pidgeot, Psyduck/Oddish/Ditto

These badges are $4 each:

Sold: Omanyte, Golem/Weezing, Lapras/Dewgong, Meowth/Tauros, Staryu/Starmie, Jynx, Rattata/Raticate

All offer threads are up!
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