violet_rare (violet_rare) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Need Help (:


SAFJHLASDFHJASFALSKFH Was just talking to a friend who recently visit japan and was in a pokemon centre and said their was a GIANT tyrunt plush?!?!?! like life sized? any info on what it was could of been another pokemon but he seemed pretty sure.... If anyone could give me info id be super glad, said their was only one of them tho... and doesnt remember what store he was in >.<
alSo i want to make a permanent wants post (: and was just wondering if anyone had photos of their larviline collections so i could add anything i dont have to the wants list (:

Or if you had any figures/plush for sale

Flats i am going to hold off on for a while as i already have a folder full :P

At the moment i am Desperatly after the Tyranitar Chupas and Larvitar metal figures and this little spinning top looking thing if any one has any info??


And still hoping someone has a Mega Tyranitar Key chain,
There are lots on Ebay/Y!J but i dont want to buy the whole set, if someone wants to GB id happily vouch for Gardevoir and Tyranitar....

Anyways, Thanks in advanced?
Tags: larvitar, pupitar, tyranitar
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