shamrock_89 (shamrock_89) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Little problem with a store on Yahoo! Shopping

Hello guys, as a title I have some problems with a Yahoo! Shopping store.
I use FJ to buy some few stuff including some TCG Pokmemon cards from a store called "Suruga-ya". After ten days the objects are not arrived at the warehouse yet, I ordered it on the 4th of January.

Now I read on internet some bad things about this store, lot of people had some troubles wth this store. Some comments said that it take over 2 weeks to send the delivery >_> and other people said that the condition of the objects didn't match with the description...btw there are other customers that are totally satisfied with this store

So I'm a little bit worried about my orders, does anyone of you order from this store? Can you tell me your experience?

Thanks so much!

P.s. I just contacted Fj and tomorrow I will wait for a response
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