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Quilava & Seadra collections

Hey! I thought I'd let everyone know that I slashed some prices on my previous bell keychain sales post and added some various figures (including Jumpluff zukan and a few kids figures) for sale- there's still several Pokemon keychains such as Totodile, Bulbasaur, and Lapras left. Tomorrow's my next shipping day, so please take a look! To those who've already bought keychains from me, they should have already arrived or be on their way to you in due time~

Also, to add some content to this post, the first of many long-overdue collection updates: my Quilava and Seadra collections!

Yay, this picture is so awful!

Kids figure, TOMY, family zukan, Burger King plush, stamper, BK squirter, and an array of other various figures whose origins I'm not certain of. Flat items include the menko, metal keychain, 151 badge (which didn't show up AT ALL), chipz chip, Burger King Gameboy toy cartridge, and stak magnet. I don't display my stickers, cards, etc with my main collection, but I have a nice collection of printed material. :3

Soooo happy I've been able to update these guys lately. Even for a Pokemon I've been striving to have the most completed collection of (it IS my favorite Pokemon, after all), there's just not that much merch of it so coming across NEW items I've never seen before (hi bell keychain, menko tab ♥) or even better 'upgrades' of items I already own (Battle Museum figure with a STICKERED base? thank you ♥) is a definite treat.

Figures include the bell keychain (my absolute FAVORITE item in the collection ♥), family zukan, Battle Museum figures (one with its proper base!), kids figure (custom shiny painted by our very own Juumou!), TOMY figures (one I bought off eBay, the other I bought on this comm 'just in case', though I'd kind of like to own a MIB TOMY one day), and a bootleg. Printed items shown are the Typhlosion family t-shirt, menko, metal tag, stak magnet, krak, tazo, and a homemade badge. :D

Also, a repost of my custom Quilava items- a hoodie made by usakochan and a plush made by glacidea!

And finally, my COMPLETE (as far as I know!) Quilava TCG collection- I only collect one of each artwork and don't bother with language/holo variations. ^^;

And, of course, I have various stickers and other flat items, but they're so disorganized. ^_^;; Still, I'm really proud of this collection, and I'm only missing ONE 3-dimensional item to my knowledge. (Quilava Burger King Game Boy toy and cartridge~)

Next up: BIRDS. (I just need to reorganize my very crowded bird shelves! o.o)
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