Rush! (snowflaika) wrote in pkmncollectors,

small sales

Hello community! I'm trying to get rid of some things, some are kinda junk but maybe you'll find what you're looking for...


Sales permission granted on 10/15/11 by dakajojo, here's my FEEDBACK

* Paypal only
* community's priority rules apply here (first one to commit gets the item)
* Most of the prices have shipping (to anywhere) included
* for more pictures just ask ^^
* if you want registered or insured mail let me know, but it'll cost a bit more. Registered shipping means it'll be traceable in case it's lost (never happened to me though) but without insurance.
* I ship from Europe(Slovakia) so it may take more than a week to reach you
* !! I'm ok with haggling !! tell me if my prices are too high please!
* I might trade for Dedenne items

Bulbasaur PC plush with both tags - $27 shipping included
Dedenne PC plush with both tags - $12 shipping included

Bulbasaur Banpresto plush with both tags and a string- $60 shipping included
Bulbasaur Canvas plush with both tags - $37 shipping included
Bulbasaur keychain on the far right - free with purchase, or just $1 + shipping

Grass pokemon pouch, detached tag, never used - $22 shipping included
Servine plush - $3 without shipping
Carnivine plush - $3 without shipping
Bulbasaur bank - $3 without shipping

Raichu Canvas, detached tag - $30 shipping included
Swing keychains - 1 free with purchase, or just $1 per one + shipping
Zubat watch - doesn't work (at least I never got it to work), comes with two plastic thingies you can insert into it and it'll make a gameboy sound?? - $3 without shipping
Snivy pouch, used, looking good from the outside, a little bit dirty from inside (from carrying coins, I can try to wash it out) - $2 without shipping

Thanks for looking! :3c
Tags: bulbasaur, carnivine, dedenne, raichu, sales, servine, zubat
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