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Group Auction won, plus Canvas Drifloon plush up on eBay!

The more important news:


I haven't been billed for it yet, but I think we've just managed to scrape enough together to cover all middleman fees, and both shipping (I'll pay the extra for EMS).

As it's still unclear if the seller will be including many of the cases or not, I will take reserves on them. The seller states that not all of them have their cases, so it will be a first come first serve based on payment.

Now, payment - You can pay now or you can pay when they arrive. Although it would really, really help if you could pay now so I can pay them right away. Congrats to all auction winners!

Mareep - badgerr_ftw $6 PAID!
Venusaur - ravestars85 $3
Bulbasaur - nsoroma79 $3 PAID!
Houndour - kiraras_lemon $5 PAID!
Marill - crimson_angel02 $3
Hoppip - juumou $3
Totodile - *Claimed* ($4)
Wobuffet - chibisilverwing $3 PAID!
Cyndaquil - rinkatink $3
Jigglypuff - alakazzandra $3 PAID!
Sneasel - _nofuturenohope $3
Ho-Oh - zachary_sparkle $3 PAID!
Feraligatr - *Claimed* ($3)
Chikorita - heenz $3 PAID!
Suicune - heenz $3 PAID!
Wooper - lastletter $9 PAID!
Typhlosion - juumou $8 PAID!
Satoshi's Noctowl - *Claimed* ($7, willing to go higher)
Mewtwo - ann_chovi $3
Raikou - heenz $3 PAID!
Meowth - maniac_online $3 PAID!
Meganium - ravestars85 $3
Entei - heenz $6 PAID!
Mew - nsoroma79 $3 PAID!
Bellossom - cy4nide $3 PAID!

Payment by paypal. Shipping is flat rate for as many as you won.
If you could, please paypal the total price of all pin badges + shipping that you won to thief.king.bakura {@} gmail.com! Please put your LJ name and the pins you purchased in the memo!

UK - $2
EU - $3
US - $4
Others - $4

I may have missed something.... Please let me know if I did, or if there are any questions!
Thanks everyone, for making this group auction possible!

And also!

Mint Drifloon Canvas up on eBay!
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